Xbox and PS3 VPN – How to Setup Xbox 360 & PS3 VPN

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If you desire to make the most of PS3 or Xbox 360 on your router or PC/Laptop, the foremost condition would be to choose a bankable Xbox VPN, Xbox 360 VPN, and PS3 VPN service provider. And if you really wish to close the most appropriate deal that could assure you value for money and simultaneously, could also let you play your liked games without interruption, the below mentioned list of topmost companies offering Xbox VPN, Xbox 360 VPN, and PS3 VPN could would be worthwhile.

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Xbox and PS3 VPN

These providers have been selected on the basis of servers they have in various countries, customer support, VPN packages, VPN protocol, customer support, user experience and many other factors. You can find many of them in the contemporary industry as the market is all flooded with brand new as well as existing VPN services.

The Need for Xbox & PS3 VPN

Playing online games is a real enthusiastic experience as it engrosses one with thrill and excitement. Be it Xbox 360, PS3 or any other widely used gaming console, you just cannot resist parting ways with them. Therefore, for a truly exhilarating worldwide gaming experience, using Xbox VPN, Xbox 360 VPN or PS3 VPN is an ideal solution. The detailed tutorial provided in this blog post is totally dedicated to this very topic, i.e., how to setup and use Xbox VPN, Xbox 360 VPN, and PS3 VPN beyond all the Zone restrictions, Geo restrictions and censorships imposed by individual gaming companies. Before going through this Xbox VPN and PS3 VPN tutorial, all you need to have with you is a Router, Crossover Cable, PC/ Laptop, and Wi-fi connection/LAN cable cards.

How to Setup VPN on xbox360 and PS3/PS2 With the Help of Router

Steps to configure PPTP VPN on your DDWRT router are as follows: • Open the control panel of DDWRT. • Move to Service Tab and then, click VPN Tab. • Set the PPTP Client option to ‘Enable’. • Mention the login details as mailed by your VPN provider such as:

  1. PPTP VPN Server IP
  2. Username
  3. Login Password

• Enable NAT; leave rest of the options untouched. • Navigate to main security tab-> Firewall settings and disable SPI Firewall. • Next, go to main Administration-> Management. Click Reboot Router to use the router on VPN. This is how you can configure your DDWRT router to be used on VPN. A thick of VPN service providers recommend routers based on DDWRT firmware since they assure more stability, are easy to set up and provide hassle free support for VPN. The next step is just to connect your favorite Xbox 360 or PS3 via router on VPN and rejoice the unlimited excitement.

How to Setup VPN on Xbox or PS2/PS3 With the help of PC/Laptop

If you are desirous of enjoying Xbox or PlayStation games unplugged, yet don’t want them to use a router for the same, then don’t fret; you can use your PC or laptop as well for the cause. For this purpose, you will need to satisfy below mentioned requirements: • Wi-fi connection with one or two LAN Cards • Crossover Cable • Your Laptop or PC • A bankable Xbox VPN, Xbox 360 VPN, and PS3 VPN service provider

Wants to Establish / Share Secure VPN Connection Over Wi-Fi. Get Step by Step Guide!

If your laptop or PC is already equipped with a LAN card or Wi-Fi connection, then there is no need of a second LAN card. However, in case your internet connection is via LAN then to set VPN for Xbox 360, you will have to use a second LAN as well. Just use this second LAN to connect to your Laptop and follow the above mentioned procedure. But if you have a Wi-Fi internet connection, let’s go ahead with the below mentioned steps: Bring the crossover cable into use and connect it with your PS3/Xbox 360 from one end and Laptop/PC from the other end. If you are using Windows 7, go ahead with the following steps:

  •  Open Network Sharing Center-> Change Adapter Settings->Local Area connection->Open properties

• If you are using Mac, go through the below mentioned steps:

  • Open Local Area Connection Settings (Do not go into Wi-Fi settings).
  • Double click internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), next check Use the following IP address.
  • In the ID Address Field->Subnet Mask, enter
  • Do not modify other fields.
  • Click OK to exit from Local Area Connection properties.
  • Move to Home Networking Connections, Click drop down menu and choose from among Xbox 360/PS3 (if it appears) or Local Area Network.
  • Leave the other two options intact for security reasons. Click OK.

Don’t know the Difference between IPv4 & IPv6 Protocol? 

Now, you are all set up to run PS3 VPN and Xbox 360 VPN on your Laptop or PC. Open the VPN connection on your computer. Then, connect Xbox or PS to internet through LAN; to run the same on VPN. You are now free to enjoy your craved games on your computing devices; irrespective of your current geographical location (These apps are restricted only to UK and US otherwise). The PS3 VPN and Xbox 360 VPN also give you the liberty to stream your favorite TV shows on streaming internet channels such as BBC iPlayerHuluNetflix and so on. Furthermore, to access Zattoo with the help of Xbox 360, you will have to follow the same procedure provided that you possess a Switzerland IP VPN, but make sure that it is the best Xbox 360 VPN. Enjoy your games without restrictions. Best of luck!

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8 thoughts on “Xbox and PS3 VPN – How to Setup Xbox 360 & PS3 VPN

  1. My setup in Cyprus:
    PS3 downstairs connected to TV by cable and Thompson ST585 by wireless.
    PC upstairs connected to Thompson ST585 by cable.

    I have setup a VPN on my PC to get UK TV and it works.

    How (in simple terms) do I get my PS3 to use the VPN I use on my PC?

    • Very simple solution!

      Please setup VPN on your router (presumably Thompson ST585) instead of PC. So that when you will connect your PS3 to Thompson ST585, it will automatically connect to VPNed internet.

      Hope it helps 🙂

  2. Thanks so much! So many bad sites out there waffling on about this subject. I knew there had to be a simple solution and you nailed it. Brilliant. V grateful.

  3. Hello! I followed your advice and installed VPN on my Xbox. The whole new world of gaming possibilities opened to me immediately! There is only one disadvantage – now I spend all my time playing and my family is annoyed.

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