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First of all, the best part of ProXPN is that it comes up with easy to setup and plug n play client for Windows, Mac (all versions) and it also supports Windows Mobile, Android and almost all iOS devices. Now lets talk about other features in this ProXPN Review.

ProXPN ReviewI personally tested the client while writing ProXPN Review, it’s very basic and very easy to use with all the features you will need in a basic VPN Client. Another interesting part is that you do not have to download separate OpenVPN GUI for OpenVPN mode, in-fact it gets you going with OpenVPN on the same ProXPN client, through simple protocol switch. Moreover, VPN Guard is another value added feature that proXPN offers to its customers for free with VPN Subscription. VPN Guard will shut down the application of your choice when the VPN connection drops.  For example, if you’re on a gaming site and wish for your IP to remain anonymous during a vpn tunnel disconnection, VPN guard can be set to close your web browser, isn’t it amazing!! In addition, I loved proXPN’s support and transparency; they are pretty open on Facebook and Twitter with their customers who have problems connecting. Their queries are handled then and there by the support staff. They offer support through multiple channels including Live Chat, Support Ticket, on call and through forum. They also offer dedicated IP for clients seeking static IP for services that need their access through one particular IP for security and privacy reasons.

I ran few speed tests during ProXPN Review and I was surprised to that the speed and download speed only fell by 5% or none on their Singapore and UK Server. This was really amazing to see despite of the fact that they have limited servers. ProXPN is also very clear on their log policy and clearly mentions in their TOS that they do not maintain any logs. They also offer a limited free version of their service, on which you are rate limited to 1000 kbps.

PRoXPN Review

The Bad: Well, there is nothing really bad about the service, I could not even find some bad reviews as the people out there are very friendly in helping their customers out in any way possible. But there are certain limitations, as in they do not support Linux and they have limited fleet of servers, which actually does not kill the speed but limits customers in servers and country choices. The client is easy to use but can be improved with new features like speed test, live chat panel, ip-check, support ticket panel and several quick launch icons.

In Short: All in all proXPN is one killer VPN Service provider with everything you need. If you are a newbie to the VPN Services then you obviously cannot resist proXPN, it’s that easy and ready to go!! Go for it. Highly Recommended!!


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