Pirate Party of Canada launched VPN Service

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Pirate Party of Canada, which created a big news worldwide claiming that, they will soon come up with VPN Service of their own to protect the Privacy of Canadians online has soft-launched their VPN Service.pirate party vpn Pirate Party has initially launched their VPN Service, which is only limited to 1 month subscription. Currently, you will be able to subscribe to all famous Pirate Party VPN for 1 month in $10, whereas, you will be limited to 200GB of Bandwidth. On their page Pirate Party of Canada also inform the subscriber that the current limit of 200GB Bandwidth will soon be upgraded and very soon features will also be added to the Pirate Party VPN Service including the Support for Mobile devices (as currently it does not support iPhone) and will also be adding tutorials for setting up the Pirate Party VPN. Pirate Party was launched in 2009 and was officially registered in 2010 . Pirate Party of Canada claims to restore the privacy of Canadian on internet. The claims and promises of privacy by Pirate Party of Canada for Canadians come during amid approaches of various internet companies and websites to infiltrate the privacy of the netizens to know them more closely. Whereas, Party Party wants to restore the privacy of netizens by the amendments in privacy and digital laws. They also claim to adjust the Copyright laws and believe that the Idea is best, when it is shared. Pirate Party of Canada further believes that the copyright laws are limiting internet as a whole from living up-to its fullest potential. Amid these copyright laws debate, we saw a recent ban on sharing copyright material on internet in New Zealand, where the Netizens showed their extreme fury and disagreement on Twitter as well as Facebook. You can read the details on New Zealand P2P Ban here. Similar to this, Pirate Party wants some amendments in Patents Laws, wants to free the access of Canadians to the large amount of data and information produced by the Canadian Government and wants to ensure that the internet remains neutral to all the websites and applications used by the Canadian Netizens. By Net Neutrality, Pirate Party wants to ensure that the ISPs does not limit the speed or quality of certain applications like Skype. We have seen several bans on Skype in countries like UAE, Iran, China and several other countries. Click here to read a recent ban on Skype. We hope that Pirate Party of Canada comes out as a successful candidate and fulfills all of its claims. Click here to see Pirate Party VPN Service Profile and Offer. Click here to visit Bestvpnservice.com or Top 10 VPN Providers Listings Page.

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3 thoughts on “Pirate Party of Canada launched VPN Service

  1. Does this have any correlation to what the Swedish PP did a while back in launching their vpn service? I hope they plan to offer better than one month subscriptions and more than one type of vpn protocol.

    • I don’t think there is any link with the Swedish PP launching the VPN Service. Though they me inspired by that. Plus they have mentioned they have plans to improve further. Lets hope they do quickly.

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