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The latest NSA Asia news concern a revelation by the ex-CIA whistleblower, Edward Snowden, that NSA, FBI, and other American intelligence agencies have been hacking into Asian computer systems and networks for years. According to Edward Snowden, American intelligence agencies have been amassing records of Asian internet users for years. The only way ordinary internet users in Asia, and anywhere else on the world, can protect their data, ensure internet privacy, and stay below the radar of intelligence agencies is by using a VPN service.

NSA News – Reported by Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden shocked the world by revealing the, until now, hidden spy activities of NSA, FBI, and other American intelligence agencies in Asia, particularly China and Hong Kong.

Edward Snowden has revealed that American intelligence agencies have been targeting government officials, various companies, and students. Moreover, Edward Snowden also revealed that these hacking activities in Asia by NSA Asia have been going on from 2009.

The Extent of Hacking Against Asia

Another scary revelation by Edward Snowden concerns the sheer number of cyber attacks launched by American intelligence agencies against targets in China.  More than 61,000 cyber attacks have been launched against Asian targets resulting in American intelligence agencies managing to gain control of hundreds of thousands of Asian computers.

Edward Snowden has revealed that during his years at CIA, he found out that instead of hacking individual computers, American intelligence agencies hack large internet data backbones that carry the traffic of thousands and thousands of computers. Through these data backbones, intelligence agencies can monitor any PC that appeals to their fancy.


This shocking NSA Asia news revelation by ex-CIA whistleblower, Edward Snowden, spells a tough time for internet users, both professional organizations and individual users. While businesses can protect themselves by using expensive deterrents, the first line of defense for ordinary internet users is to use a VPN account and protect them. A VPN can help its users to establish a secure and virtual data tunnel between itself and the servers of the VPN service providers. This gives its users ultimate privacy, security, and anonymity.


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