Nimbuzz Hack – Domain and its Sub Domains Attacked By an Iranian Hacker

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On the internet, it’s not only individuals who need security from hackers and crackers; organizations can also be victims of cybercrimes nimbuzz hackand hackattacks.

Recently, an unbelievable incident has occurred. Nimbuzz, a well known name in the IT world was the victim of internet hacking.  An Iranian Hacker not only hacked Nimbuzz’s domain but its sub domains as well. A list of Nimbuzz websites were defaced by the hacker including the following:

  • and most important,

As per the updates, the aforementioned websites are being restored now but the question is still there about the motive behind this attack. There seems no reasonable motive except to make Nimbuzz  realize how weak its security system is and that any outsider can compromise it easily.

In April, Nimbuzz started a program in which users were invited to submit volunteer reports to Nimbuzz if they see any unseen bug or issue on the Website. Although the hackattack under consideration is a sign that Nimbuzz’s volunteer program is not working a 100%, let us hope that soon this program evolves into a powerful tool ward off further cyber attacks of this kind.

Till then, Nimbuzz just cannot keep its guard down!


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