Unblock Netflix With VPN to Stream Movies & Shows

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Netflix is simply the best and largest online video streaming library on the internet today. With a total viewer base of over 50 million viewers, Netflix is the market leader in providing online entertainment. However, the geographical reach of Netflix is sadly limited to the western hemisphere. The best approach is to unblock Netflix US by connecting your VPN service to a US based server. A wide range of VPN providers have established bases in the US namely StrongVPN, ibVPN and Pure VPN. Netflix will recognize your IP address as a US user then, allowing access to their extensive library.

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Netflix is only available in North American, South America, the Nordic regions of Europe and the UK. But with services like HideMyAss, StrongVPN, ibVPN and PureVPN Netflix becomes instantly accessible!

Limited Libraries and Geo-Restrictions

Netflix offers a different video library for every country that it operates in. The largest library is only accessible to viewers in the US. Netflix is also restricted for viewing unless provided by the company themselves.

Netflix VPN

Restricted Access message on Netflix page

The entire Asian and African continent remains without any coverage by Netflix, despite a large consumer base of online streaming services. Fortunately, most modern VPN services are extremely streaming friendly and are designed to handle heavy internet traffic. Each has a unique feature to help you enjoy Netflix more. For instance, you can enjoy free DNS with ibVPN or use Split-Tunneling if you go with PureVPN. Netflix is just a tunneling tool away.

How to Unblock Netflix anywhere in the world

You can also use a VPN for Netflix to unblock the restricted content to access their services when travelling or residing in regions where it is unavailable.

unblock netflix anywhere

Map showing regions serviced by Netflix

Using a VPN is easy and does not affect broadband speed in anyway. A VPN hides your IP address and replaces it with an external IP address. The IP address can be from any VPN location you choose to connect to. Popular VPN locations include the US, UK, Canada, Australia and the Netherlands.

Ideal VPN for Netflix

The first criterion that must be met is the number of servers a provider is offering in the required region (with US being on top of the list). The larger the number of servers, the more the chances of finding a US IP address, so lookout for the best server network. Another important issue is the restriction on bandwidth, some VPN providers have caps on how much data can be consumed. Ensure that your VPN does not place bandwidth caps since this will ruin your experience and eventually become a waste of money.


Netflix is used and loved by millions, and is always adding new movies and TV shows to its infinite library of amazing content. You can access Netflix from anywhere in the world as long as you have a Netflix VPN with servers located in a Netflix-friendly region. Simply activate your VPN, connect to a server in the US or UK, and you will be able to access Netflix easily.

Nearly every VPN service will promise you access to Netflix, but only a handful will ever be able to provide you a reliable restriction-free streaming experience. There are a few criteria that a VPN service must fulfill to be able to stream online media from Netflix. The VPN services we have short-listed have been short

Pro Tip: Remember that Netflix has a “Country” selection option that requires you to state your country during sign-up. To avoid any complications, always make sure that you connect to a VPN server located in the same country that you selected during the Netflix sign-up process.

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