Netflix in Europe – Launches in Norway, Finland, Sweden & Denmark

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The popular streaming video site launches Netflix europe on mobile for Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark; the updated Android app is up for download on Google Play store.

October18, 2012: If you have been longing to watch Netflix europe videos on your Android phone while residing in any of the Nordic countries, your wait has finally reached its end.

The company has come up with its updated Android App this week that extends support for SwedenDenmarkNorway or europeThe latest update is up for grab from the Google Play Store and additionally, has also been empowered with enhanced subtitle support for Android 4.0.

Living up to the Promise

The decision for Netflix updates was however not taken overnight, albeit with this step, it has only lived up to the promise it made earlier this year in August with the Nordic citizens. Below are the excerpts from that announcement:

“We’re excited to announce that Netflix europe will offer streaming of TV shows and movies in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland before the end of the 2012.

Upon launch, Internet users in the Nordic countries can subscribe to Netflix for one low monthly price and instantly watch a wide array of Hollywood, local and global TV shows and movies; many with high definition video and Dolby Digital Plus surround sound.

Details about the service, including pricing, content and supported devices, will be announced closer to launch.”

Engulfing the Entire Nordic Area

The Netflix Android App support for four countries keeps on pouring throughout this week, with Sweden being the first to avail this facility, followed by Denmark and Norway till Wednesday.

Finland will be the last one in this line that is yet to get the updated version of Netflix support but is expected to procure it well before the end of this week.

The changelog of Netflix for Android 2.0.2 now can be observed as below:

“Netflix is now available in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Improved subtitles support on Android v4.x“

Lucrative Initial Offers

To start a fresh, Netflix is offering lucrative deals for the customers spread out in these nations as the region is already enjoying similar services from Amazon and a flurry of local service providers in this field.

Swedish users, for example, can enjoy 1-month free trial after which they will have to pay 79 Swedish Krona (SEK or KR)/month that amounts to near about around $12.

The Danish version too lists more or less the same price. The announcement made apropos to Netflix’s Norwegian support didn’t mention any price, however according to the, it will cost around 79 Norwegian Krone (NOK) which is equivalent to around $14.

As you can observe, all these offers are pretty affordable and would not pay much load on your monthly budget if you too reside in any of these countries and are raring to enjoy your favorite shows post Netflix updates.

Surviving in the Battle Ground

The move of extending support for Netflix on mobile in the Nordic countries, is indeed a brave one, but in order to stay in the hunt for its services and later on to capture the market in the region, the video-streaming company needs to go at loggerheads with Amazon, the big gun in the business alongside various other lesser known services.

Notably, the four countries have a combined headcount of around 25 million and considering an average of three people in a family, the entertainment company would be looking forward to target the potential market of around 8-9 million users.

However, the currently existing services have already been serving approximately 20% of this customer base that leaves Netflix with only around 1.5-3 million customers whom they can target.

The initial offers could well help them to create a significant ground and lure the potential subscribers. In addition, some more positive efforts such as mass level advertising is also expected to bring their clientele pretty close to 4 million or may be more.

Apart from its own endeavors, the company can benefit significantly by certain other factors as well, like broadband infrastructure, broadband penetration and speed, per capita income etc.

Additionally, weather could also play a crucial role in this regard; as obvious, people would prefer to remain confined within their homes on a chilling cold day which is normal in the Nordic countries.

If Netflix could cash in on this opportunity and succeeds in maintaining the quality of its shows in the long term for which it is renowned, it could indeed give a tough competition to its counterparts in the said location. Who knows, it could come out as the ultimate survivor in the battleground.

Access Netflix With VPN

Though this Netflix on mobile service is exclusively for the viewers in Nordic countries and hence can’t be accessed by anyone residing elsewhere in the world.

But there is no need to get disheartened if you are also among the bunch of people who wish to enjoy all those show from an alien location; VPN is there to help your cause.

With one such VPN service, you can log in to a server that exist in any of these four nations and can access the shows being broadcast there after updates easily, without being tracked by Netflix.

Availing services from any of the reputed VPN providers can assure you high speed, unlimited bandwidth and standard security, thereby making your private mobile browsing completely free from intrusion. Overall, a thinkable option, indeed!


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