Net Neutrality Knocks out Anti-neutrality

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After a long running game of musical chair up and down Capitol Hill, the FCC finally knocked out anti-privacy lobbyists flat on the mat with a 3-2 vote in favor of net neutrality. By establishing the foundation of open internet the FCC judged in favor of the following: 

1.      No app blocking

2.      No paid fast lanes

3.      No bandwidth throttling

Previously FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler quoted in an interview to The Verge that it was time to place proper rules for an open internet which had become an integral part of our lives. fcc chairman

 The new regulations will now place internet service providers in the category of telecom providers (public utility) under Title II of the Communications Act. This will ensure proper regulation and enforcement of  laws on the giant ISP corporations who had taken the US internet users hostage through their ridiculous pricing, self regulated internet policies and monitoring of customers’ online activity.

The new net neutrality rules will also apply to mobile internet services. The new regulations and Title II law gives the FCC the supreme ability to set prices, open the market for new entrants and all them to regulate the broadband industry more closely. The FCC chairpersons commented that a majority of low-income consumers use the internet solely on their phones, thus applying the net neutrality rules to wireless carriers was a necessity.

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Although this is joyous news for net neutrality advocates, customers of broadband services and democrats, an entire lobby of politicians, broadband companies and conspiracy theorists are calling this move “useless”.  Large scale ISPs (AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner, Verizon) are also determined to challenge the FCC’s strategic change in court claiming it as “meaningless”.

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The new regulations are scheduled to come in effect in the next 60 days, giving the aggrieved lobbyists considerable time to challenge the decision. As republican members of the FCC parade the notion of “loosing internet freedom”, social media has come alive praising this bold move by the democrat members of the FCC.  

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