How to get Multiple VPN Connections for Multiple Devices

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Folks, I have been getting many queries related to how to connect multiple devices on a single VPN connection or is there any VPN service that will allow multiple connections, or do we have to buy separate VPN connection for separate devices?


I will cover these related queries in detail here, but first let’s be clear about which VPN services actually offer multiple connections in single accounts.

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Ways to Get VPN For Multiple Devices

  1. Yes, there are three ways to get your VPN on several devices and laptops,
    1. Buy a VPN connection and set it up on all of your Devices, but you will only be able to use VPN on one device or computer at one time.
    2. Buy a VPN connection and set it up on your Router (you might have to buy the router, if you don’t have one) and connect all devices and computers through that router.
    3. Buy a VPN connection that supports simultaneous connections on a single account (choices extremely limited).

    1 is extremely simple, you can easily do it by following VPN Setup for your respective VPN provider, please make sure that you are using a VPN Service that supports all your devices. Also be sure to close sensitive and confidential applications before disconnecting VPN on one device.

    2 is also very simple, the most common routers that almost all VPN Providers support are DD-WRT Firmware based routers, as they have built in VPN settings and are very easy to setup. So try getting one of these, if you can’t get one of these, please contact your VPN provider to know which router do they support, get that router and setup your VPN on it to get yourself started.

Multiple VPN Connections

With all other VPN Services you can set them up on router, please make sure your respective VPN Service supports router, if you want to go through router method. There are disadvantages to VPN Services that offer single connection to use on multiple devices, as if you use them simultaneously, your bandwidth will be divided in several connections, speed also gets divided.

Plus, if any one of the user gets on something illegal, you will be the one who will be blamed. So, its better you get VPN Service which offers bundle pricing and gives separate connections. However, single connections are advantageous when you are the sole user of all the devices and occasionally have simultaneous connections on same VPN.

Multiple VPN Connections will not only save you cost, but will be easier to manage as well. Plus you will have to trust a single service, not 4 or 5 separate services.

Hope this post helps out all those folks who were and are looking for a solution on these lines. I will keep you posted on other Multiple VPN Services that come across in future.

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