Movies Coming To Netflix in 2015 That You Should Definitely Check Out

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Netflix is welcoming the new year with the addition of some great titles to its netflix 2015 collection. Keeping an old tradition alive, Netflix is bidding farewell to various classics, to make room for some excellent new movies and TV shows.

Netflix will add hundreds of titles to the video library in 2015, but here are the top 10 that are worth watching first:

Bad Boys 2

Detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett come together in the sequel to their 1995 ‘Bad Boys’. They are after the Ecstasy trade in Miami and this time they are twice as bad. Starring comedy kings Martin Lawrence and Will Smith you will tear up laughing while enjoying the action in this wit-packed movie.

Cast Away

Ever wondered how Robison Crusoe managed to survive alone on that island? Tom Hanks brings to life one of the greatest adaptations of a man marooned on a remote Island and his struggle to stay alive.

Bruce Almighty

When Bruce constantly complains to God about how miserable his life is, he is offered divine powers by the creator to experience God’s perspective of the universe firsthand. The movie boasts an amazing cast starring Jim Carrey, Jennifer Aniston, Morgan Freeman and Steve Carell.


Based on the 20th July assassination attempt on Adolph Hitler during World War II, Tom Cruise plays Colonel Stauffenberg, a one-eyed officer in Hitler’s army who plans to overthrow the Fuhrer with the help of Germany army personnel willing to rebel and political power brokers.

The French Connection

Featuring one of the greatest car chase scenes filmed in a Hollywood movie, the French Connection portrays the story of two New York cops who unveil a narcotics trade operating in North America that is revealed to have ties to French drug dealers.

Jeepers Creepers 2

If the 2001 chiller gave you goose bumps, the second installment will send you gripping in fear. Set a few days after the events of the first movie, a group of school teens and teachers come across an unholy Scare Crow.

Friends (Seasons 1-10)

The entire Friends series will now be available to view on Netflix. Relive the funniest moments as the hysterical characters played by Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Anniston , Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer and Courtney Cox.


In the race to procure an invaluable stolen diamond crime lords, corrupt boxing promoters, crooked bookies and bungling robbers rumble to claim the prize. In this amazing British cinema classic, Brad Pitt (the boxing gypsy), Jason Statham (the unlicensed promotor), Benicio del Toro (the gambling addicted jewel robber), Vinnie Jones (the hitman), and many others put on a one-of-a-kind show.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

To expose the identity of a soviet spy within MI-6, an experienced espionage agent must put his skill and knowledge to the test in the pursuit to flush out the rat. Based on the cold war era, the movie stars icons like Gary Oldman as lead and supported by Mark Strong, Ciaran Hinds, John Hurt and more.

Get Shorty

Featuring an all star cast of John Travolta, Rene Russo, Gene Hackman, Danny DeVito, Dennis Ferrina and a brilliant supporting cast, Get Shorty is the story of a gangster who joins Hollywood. Notorious debt collector Chilli Palmer comes to Hollywood to collect from a client on the run, only to realize that the movie industry is not so different from his world of crime. Enjoy this funny crime adventure with one of the richest casts ever.

Get These Before They’re Gone

We also present to you the 10 Netflix movies you should probably watch before they are removed from the service.

  1. The Usual Suspects  (1995)
  2. Carrie (1976)
  3. 12 Angry Men (1957)
  4. Brave heart (1995)
  5. Beverley Hills Cop (1984)
  6. Happy Gilmore (1996)
  7. You’ve Got Mail (1998)
  8. Scary Movie 2 (2001)
  9. Star Gate (1994)
  10. Rocky 1-5 (1976-1990)

Remember to get the best from your Netflix subscription this year with more movies to come.

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