Malaysian Internet Censorship Before the Elections

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The elections that were held in Malaysia yesterday turned out to be the most controversial and hotly contested in its history. The ruling Barisan Nasional Party won the elections, but only just!

After the announcement of the election results, the People’s Alliance Coalition immediately levelled allegations of cheating and usage of unfair means. The fact that the People’s Alliance Coalition lost the elections by a very slim margin, Malaysian Internet Censorship allegations are serious.

Allegations of Cyber Bullying

The incidents of cyber bullying were prevalent in the Malaysian cyber scene as many websites belonging to the opposition and independent news agencies were blocked or brought down. The losing parties contended that the BNP ruling party blocked these websites legally or illegally, and brought them down using hacking groups and DDoS attacks. The main purpose behind these attacks was to keep the Malaysian public from accessing opinion that is contrary to the one being portrayed by the Barisan Nasional Party, which has been in power in Malaysia for the last 55 years!

How to Bypass Internet Restrictions!

The best way to bypass internet restrictions is by using a VPN account and switching IP addresses to another country. The following is a list of the top VPN providers that provide internet users in Malaysia an easy and economical way of going completely anonymous and untraceable on the internet, while accessing all blocked content:


The Tactics Allegedly Used by the Government!

Critics allege that the ruling party Barisan Nasional Party used DDoS attacks and ordered ISPs to block websites and content related to the opposition and against its ideology. Malaysia ISPs were required to even block Facebook and Twitter pages of opposition parties and even block videos targeted against the ruling party BNP.

Internet bloggers in Malaysia were also arrested by the government for publishing anti-government content. The government is also accused of using various spying software that can hack into the systems of anti-government bloggers and access data files, perform keylogging, record Skype conversations, turn on the webcam and microphone, and record every online activity of bloggers.


Had Malaysians used a VPN service, they would have had a different election story to tell. A VPN account offers internet users online anonymity, privacy, and security. Something the Malaysians did not have!


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