Kepard VPN Review

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VPN services have become very popular as it protect the companies and individuals from anyKepard VPN Review unauthorized access or hacking attempts.

It not only grants people an easy access to networks but also enables them to access region restricted websites, TV shows or Videos.

Our Kepard VPN review will help our customers to understand the features and services that the company offers and enable them to select the right plan based on their requirements.

Kepard is a new enterprise in the VPN market and the company is based in the Republic of Moldova. Soon after its formation, the company gained popularity among VPN service users for its exclusive services and the security that the company offers.

With the mission of creating simple and secured tools for online privacy, Kepard started its VPN services and seems to be promising enough to compete with other service providers in the industry.

Within this short period of time the company has managed to offer services not only in the US and Europe but also to countries around the world.

Kepard Server Locations

Kepard has around six servers in five different countries in Europe and North America and 40 IP addresses. The servers are located in Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.

Kepard VPN Review

People who are frequent travellers can avail free and unlimited server switches to be beneficial for their companies as most VPNs charge for this feature.

Kepard is speedily expanding their number of servers and it is assumed that the company will double their offerings by the end of 2013.

Kepard Pricing & Plans

Kepard VPN Review

Kepard VPN Review

Kepard Plan Review

Kepard Payment Options

Kepard offers limited payment options that include Paypal and 2CO. The company will increase the payment options in the future to enable more customers benefit from the services and payment modes with digital currencies like Liberty Reserve will be a smart option.

Kepard Supported OS & Devices

Kepard supports most computer systems as long as it uses L2TP over IPSec protocol. Android cell phone models and Internet Macintosh device including the iPad, iPhone and laptops are compatible and Samsung galaxy and Linux based wireless routers are also compatible with Kepard.

Kepard VPN Review

Since Kepard is plug and play compatible, it stands unique from other competitors in the market. Applications like Google Chrome, Firefox, Spotify, Hulu, Dropbox, Opera, IE and Safari can be hosted. Kepard supports major operating systems from Apple’s OS to Linux’s 32 bit system, Microsoft Windows 2000 to Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Kepard Review

Kepard Privacy and Security

With Kepard, you can be assured of high quality data security and privacy on the internet. Their services support many protocols like Open VPN, PPTP, L2TP and you can easily switch and send or receive data on public networks.

Any one protocol can be used to transfer data and customers using Wi Fi public internet can access the protocols for a secured transmission.

Kepard also provides the option for different IP address so that the users can keep the anonymity and preserve their privacy online. The 256 bit encryption technique and NAT firewall makes sure that the data is not mishandled by any hackers.

Bandwidth & Speed

Kepard offers to its varied customers, unlimited bandwidth on one month, three months and one year plans. Each plan comes with limitless traffic possibilities and several servers have the torrent traffic option and many others are aligned to offer this feature in the nearby future.

Kepard also adopts the right encryption process and the data transfer speed on the servers is up to 100 Mbits and the users are usually unable to detect even minimum speed disruptions in their service.

There is no limit to particular bandwidth and speed at Kepard VPN and when tested by using the result was a decent one. Users can easily send emails or watch streaming videos.

The kepard speed came to be 2.89 Mbps and 3.95 Mbps and that is not far behind when compared to the speed of original internet connection.

As a startup VPN service provider the performance is quite encouraging. The speed can also be influenced by other factors like the physical distance of the server’s location, the ISP network capabilities etc.

By using the guide to internet browsing provided by Kepard, the users can easily navigate, download and network at very high speeds and the company suggests using OpenVPN for highest browsing security for best services on iPhones, Androids and Smartphones.

Customer Support Facility

Kepard offers its clients the clock support via a customer ticket and the customers can easily submit their queries through the ticket system.

The support team tracks the ticket and this helps the customers to receive a response fast. The company’s support site also contains helpful material like basic information, manuals, frequently asked questions that are useful when troubleshooting problems.

Kepard is obviously a good VPN service provider and while verifying the functions and features of the services offered by the company we could not find much negative points.

Our suggestion is that Kepard should increase its services to more countries so that users from various locations can take the benefits of their reliable services.

Since the competitors in the VPN market is growing day by day, Kepard should work upon their service areas to provide more options to the users.


Overall it can be said that the VPN services offered by Kepard is really impressive and its amazing speed is undoubtedly the best part.

Though it is a new setup, the company is a good choice for customers who are looking forward for best value in a VPN service and who want to protect their data and maintain their privacy.

We hope that this Kepard review will guide you through all their VPN features and help you to make the right choice. For more details simply send your queries to our customer executives and we will get back to you with the right option that can fulfil your business needs.

Kepard VPN Review


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