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Watch Jungle Book 2016 on Torrents

Coming to theatres on 15th of April in US, the Disney epic Jungle Book will be re-released with animated characters and a star studded cast of iconic actors & actresses. Mowgli, Baloo and Bagheera, Shere Khan, Kaa and those mischievous monkeys are back. Have a look at the brilliant trailer that takes you back to your  childhood:

It will be the first time that legends Ben Kingsley, Bill Murray, Christopher Walken and Idris Elba will all come together for one iconic animated feature. The movie will feature 13 year old Neel Sethi as the Mowgli, which will be his first leading role. The cast also features Marvel’s Black Widow, Scarlett Johansson but as a Python this time.

Download Jungle Book 2016 Torrent

Jungle Book 2016 hits theatres on 15th April 2016 in US and there is no doubt it will be a sensational family hit with something for everyone to enjoy. But, although thousands will crowd to the cinemas, not many will be able to get premier week tickets or any tickets for that matter. Fans who wish to stay in and enjoy the movie at home can download Jungle Book with a Torrent VPN:

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For those of us who consider watching their favorite films, TV shows and videos on their big screens can simply download their favorite torrents with VPN. Once released you will be able to download Jungle Book 2016 torrents starting 16th April 2016, but be careful, the trolls are watching.

jungle book torrent vpn

Comments from a Reddit user

Last year alone, copyright companies and ISPs sent out more than 20,000 penalty notices to internet streaming and torrent down loaders in USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. While some escaped with a slap on the wrist and warnings others were fined up to $5000 for downloading a measly 3 MB song.

comcast privacy torrent sue

News from TorrentFreak May16 2015

Users have been bombarded with notices, penalties and threats for downloading free entertainment through torrents. Not only that multiple notices are dispatched, just to remind our greedy friends that the internet is a free place and no one has a right to hog it. Torrent users awaiting the release of Jungle Book can waive the notices and penalties goodbye with leading edge VPN technology at their disposal. Access our ranking table above and choose from amongst the fastest VPN to download Jungle Book 2016 torrents.

How To Watch Jungle Book with Torrents

Downloading torrents is not illegal ,yet some copyright trolls (ISPs, production houses and censorship boards) make it their life’s mission to intrude on netizen activities, spy on connections made with torrent trackers and pay ISPs to penalize torrent down loaders.

As long as media is available online entertainment enthusiasts can enjoy any file available on torrent tracker websites. To watch Jungle Book using Torrents you will require the following:

  1. A torrent software to download the movie (Bittorrent, utorrent, VUZE, TorrentBitch)
  2. A trusted torrent tracker website to download the torrent file from (KickAss Torrents, isoHUNT, extra torrent, torrent reactor and YiFY)
  3. A VPN service to protect you while downloading torrents & surfing the internet (Check in the VPN Provider Table Above)

Why Download Jungle Book Torrents with VPN

A VPN proves to be critical when it comes to the internet today. Massive state surveillance apparatuses, hackers, moral policemen, trolls, ISP monitoring, malware and cybercriminals are out there looking for a target.

The point here is not to be scared and disillusioned, but take the proper measure to combat their online pestilences. A VPN for torrent users provides them with the following benefits:

  1. Protects the IP Address & Location of the user, by masking the real IP and replacing it with one from the VPN server.
  2. Secures you against malware, ISP deep packet inspection, cyber attacks, DDoS attacks, intrusions from copyright trolls, state surveillance.
  3. Unblock news, streaming, music and torrent websites
  4. Allows security over public internet spots at bus stations, airports, schools, universities, restaurants etc.
  5. Secures torrent file transfers by making you anonymous, hiding your IP address and making it impossible for ISPs, copyright companies and censorship boards to track you.

Jungle Book 2016 Torrent on KickAss Torrents

KickAss Torrents is possibly the most visited and most reliable torrent trackers operating today. Here is a poll of the most anticipated movies in 2016 and guess what, Jungle Book 2016 also makes the list. Check out the most anticipated upcoming movies of 2016 here in the KickAss Torrents forum.

Download Jungle Book 2016 on Extra Torrent

Extra Torrent has been a leading and reliable torrent tracker in the last 5 years, it offers a variety of sources and boasts a massive library of movies, music, TV shows, documentaries, books, software and miscellaneous entertainment. We expect the tracker to start seeding Jungle Book torrents in the early hours of 16th April 2016.

In a Nutshell

We are eagerly waiting for the latest Jungle Book torrent to come out, and we know you are too. In the meantime, access interesting reddit threads and don’t forget to visit the official Disney’s Jungle Book 2016 page.

Reddit Discussions Page   

Disney’s Jungle Book 2016

Have a great weekend and don’t let the little ones eat your brains out over their most highly anticipated animated movie of the year. Download Jungle Book 2016 torrents and enjoy the Disney epic at home with complete privacy.

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