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Japan IP VPN helps the people in Japan and anywhere else to access the websites hosted in Japan. There may be varied reasons that tends them to open Japanese websites, but due to internet censorships, such a task often becomes impossible.

As a result, either they have to be complacent with whatever websites they are allowed to open or they seek the help of a VPN that could connect them to a server located in Japan, with a Japanese IP address.

Internet censorship in Japan

Japan VPN

Internet restriction in Japan has taken a big leap throughout these years with the increased clout of internet in this Asian country and the internet censorship in Asia has lead toward it peak in the territory.

Like many other nations, that are prompt to censor anything defamatory or against the government policies, Japan has also been quick with internet censorship. Especially it is strictly against the pornographic sites and cares to block them at the earnest, which is pretty justified as well.

Even in the previous years, it has been proposing laws that could make the ISPs answerable for any sort of breach of censorship norms. However, in the recent times, it has denied to take any legal action against the website owners or ISPs.

Such type of uncertainty is a common thing in the day-to-day broadening role of internet on a global platter. Thankfully, with a Japan IP VPN people can comfortably access the sites that they cared not to access owing to the apprehensions of legal actions.

Why opt for Japan IP VPN

Let us discuss a flurry of reasons that could temp the users to opt for Japan IP VPN:

  • Business purpose: Japan is heavily dominating the world’s electronic industry and holds a major say in the manufacturing of prominent electronics products. Its gigantic avatar in its specific domain is fair enough to attract the attention of innumerable entrepreneurs to collaborate with its companies and establish long-term partnerships.This not only enhances their credibility in the field but also makes way for stupendous monetary gains. Hence, most of the foreign companies prefer to establish VPN with Japan IP to communicate with their business partners in this country via email, voice and video chats, or through VoIP.
  • Access blocked websites: After the unfortunate occurrence of the disastrous earthquake followed by nuclear emission in Fukushima, the government has made significant attempts to keep a regular check on blogs or websites that have spread rumors about the harms caused due to the calamities. It intends to curb the additional damage that may be caused due to such reckless rumors in the interest of the citizens there. Hence, any sort of illegal information posted on web portals are being under scrutiny. This in turn could affect other sites as well that have been involved in the interaction with accused websites in the form of comment posting or visits. People living outside Japan may not be able to access such sites until they find solace in Japan VPN.
  • Keep abreast of the latest happenings: Japanese citizens currently residing in any other part of the world would like to be updated of the current occurrences in their own country. However, they may not be able to open certain websites that the government feels to be of sensitive nature. With a VPN having a Japan IP, such types of government or news websites could be bypassed convincingly.

Best Japan VPN

Renowned VPN websites or review websites could be contacted to get a list of prominent VPN vendors that could allow the VPN services with a Japan based IP. For your convenience, below is a detailed list of Japan VPN;

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