iVPN Review

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iVPN Review

iVPN Review – Bestvpnservice.com Rating: 7/10

Positives: iVPN is known as one the more secure VPN service provider in the industry as it only supports Secure OpenVPN Protocol. It supports almost all mostly used and available operating system i.e. Windows, Mac Os, Linux and Solaris. iVPN also supports all major devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian. Moreover, iVPN provides you with Multihop technology where users are redirected through more than one server to be more anonymous and secure. It also offers various packages on monthly, quarterly and semi annually and annual basis, where it also offers discounts to the customers opting for package more than one month. Up-to 31% can be availed on annual subscription.

Negatives: One of the negative points that we came out with is the unavailability of PPTP, L2TP and SSTP protocol. Though they claim it to be less secure, and no doubt it is, but it is still the most widely used protocol. iVPN also does not offer dedicated IPs to its customers , unavailability of its online chat most of the times and servers in only two countries (US, NL) also adds to its drawbacks.

In Short: Summarizing iVPN, it is a reasonable VPN service provider, though the prices are bit high from other VPN Providers but it is justified because of its offering of OpenVPN protocol only. There are many VPN service providers who offer almost the same kind of services with servers in more countries and more protocols offered. Hope our iVPN Review helps you out on numerous decisions.

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2 thoughts on “iVPN Review

  1. I’ve tried iVPN on two separate occasions. The first time was about a month ago and I was very happy with the speed of their service, however, “live chat” support that they mention on their website is not available. Also, upon submitting trouble tickets, it takes at least 1 day up to 3 days for a response which, once received, seems to be nothing more than kicking the can down the alley. I cancelled and continued to use my current provider which is HMA. Fast forward to current, I decided to try them once again thinking maybe I caught them in some transition. Well, the speed, which I originally mentioned, was good for 1 day and then, without explanation, it dropped about 70%! I emailed support multiple time and was told that they see nothing wrong on their end and I should try another provider for comparison. I’m by no means a “difficult” person to deal with but I must say I was very disappointed with the responses or, in some cases, half baked responses that I received not to mention the fact I was told to try another service. I feel the tech support is either run by amateurs or people that just don’t take it seriously. I will be heading back to my previous provider.

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