iPrivo VPN Review – 100% Free VPN Service and Toolbar

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iprivo vpn

Hey Folks !!

Just got to know of another interesting tool to bypass censorship, another interesting VPN app, I loved the creativity. So, I though I should let you guys know of this tool in a brief post.

It’s iPrivo VPN – surf the web securely, privately and without restriction’. iPrivo VPN is the latest VPN application that has been launched and the most amazing and interesting thing about this VPN service is that it is completely free. Free not only in terms of dollar but also free from any kind of registration and information that you need to put in before you get to download this app.

You can download this app from their website here. The file size is around 1.8 MB and I have tested it, its free from any kind of viruses or malware. The client has following salient features,

  • It is on OpenVPN
  • It only supports Windows (7, Vista, XP, 2000, 2003 and 2008 )
  • It only gives you UK IP Address.
  • Anonymous logging (discarded after 1 week). They claim not to store any real IP Addresses.
  • Triple-DES Encryption
  • Supports Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

iPrivo VPN Review

After downloading the client on your PC, install it. Make sure you have all your browsers closed before you install this software. The app itself does not have any desktop GUI, you will have a small Quick Launch Icon in your quick launch menu. But that’s not it. Restart or Open your browser. you will see a layer of iPrivo VPN toolbar added to your browser. See the illustration in following picture,

iPrivo VPN Toolbar 1

iPrivo VPN Toolbar 2

The toolbar looks good. With VPN it gives you several other options and quick launch icons like IP checker, SpeedTester, Facebook and Youtube launcher, Google Maps, Games, Music@Grooveshark, secure search with Conduit and several other features. It also shows you the status of your iPrivo connection.

I have noticed that the toolbar slows your browser a bit, but if you are someone in China, Iran, Syria or in some other country with extremely high censorship, who cares if the browser get 20% slower. What’s good is that you can bypass the censorship.

Speed Test

I have also tested its speed, the speed looks good. There was only a 10%-20% drop at times, which is quite normal with any other VPN Service Provider aswell, however, the upload speed dropped by 40%-50%. As this is a new service, we should give them some chance to establish themselves, I am sure they are here to stay.

Pros of iPrivo

  • Handy toolbar that integrates with your browser.
  • Quick installation.
  • Free.
  • No registration required.
  • Does not store logs.
  • Gives you many quick launch apps integrated with VPN toolbar.
  • Works with Chrome, Firefox and IE.

Cons of iPrivo

  • Slightly slows your browser
  • Toolbar comes in your way sometimes while browsing.
  • Pretty difficult to find the option of Hide the toolbar.
  • Does not support Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android.

How do they Earn!

Like Hotspotshield, iPrivo is also an ad supported Free VPN service, they will give you ads while you browse and if you follow that ad, it will help them earn money.

Connecting/Disconnecting iPrivo

In order to connect to iPrivo, simply click on the desktop icon it will connect or you can click on your browser toolbar to connect to iPrivo (Chrome users cannot directly connect from browser).

In Order to disconnect, click on browser notification which says iPrivo is On and turn it off. Chrome users will have to go to their click launch iPrivo icon and right click–>Exit it to disconnect iPrivo.

Bottom Line

iPrivo is no doubt an amazing free VPN Toolbar with loads of other value added features. Its developers have surely put in a lot of time and effort developing this toolbar. But there is still room for improvement in this toolbar, which I am sure the founders of iPrivo will bring in few days to come. Overall 8/10 for this free VPN application.


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Wish you a Happy and Private Internet Life !!

Faisal is a professional blogger at BestVPNService. A close observer of the digital world, Faisal critically monitors and reviews service providers of IT industry, particularly VPNs.

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