iPhone 5 Security at Risk Once Again?

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The issue of iPhone security has reared its ugly head once again. Three researchers participating in the next month’s Blackhat Security Conference have claimed to come up with a novel method of bypassing iPhone 5 protection measured and installing a malware using an iPhone charger.

Quick and Easy Way to Bypass iPhone 5 SecurityiPhone 5 Security

Three researchers by the names of Billy Lau, Yeongjin Jang, and Chengyu Song have developed a charger that can easily and quickly bypass the iPhone 5 protection measures by using the USB interface. The three researchers have also claimed that this malware-infested charger can take down an iPhone within 60 seconds.

The researchers commented on their development by saying that common iPhone security practices do not consider hacking or malware transmitted via chargers. While iPhone5 protection is supplemented by a wide range of security applications, the researchers claimed to have bypassed iPhone security by installing their malware.

The Purpose of Demonstrating Weakness in iPhone 5 Protection

The researchers have also claimed that this malware can bypass the latest iOS and does not require any activity by the users. All that needs to be done to compromise iPhone security is to use a ‘malware-infested’ power charger for the iPhone. The purpose of the demonstration is to highlight the fact that third party power chargers for the iPhone can be used by nefarious elements to bypass the iPhone 5 protection and install malware.

How the iPhone Security is Compromised?iPhone 5 Security

The researchers said that they first carefully examined the existing and default iPhone 5 protection practices put in place by Apple. Then, the researchers used the USB capabilities of the iPhone to transmit malicious software from a hijacked charger into an iPhone.

The malicious software integrates itself with various iPhone apps, just like many Apple apps do, and then works its tentacles around to steal valuable information, data, and personal details of the users.

The charger is being called the ‘Mactans’ and will be demonstrated during the Blackhat Security Conference 2013 to be held at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada from July 27th till August 1st 2013.

A Solution to iPhone 5 Security to be Put Forward!

While this demonstration can prove to be a massive turning point for iPhone security, the trio of researchers has also promised to provide people with ways to counter security threats to their iPhone 5 security. One thing is for certain however; the sales of OEM chargers for iPhone are sure to go up very soon!


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