Instagram Blocked in China: Can Be Unblocked With VPN

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How to Use Instagram in China

Following the protests in Hong Kong in Sept. 2014, the Chinese government proceeded to block Instagram and it stays blocked to this day in mainland China. It isn’t much of an issue to access Instagram in China, given a little research and reading. Most netizens call them VPN we call them Virtual Private Networks. Virtual Private Networks aka VPN are known for their ability to bypass the most intensely setup firewalls and the most deep rooted surveillance systems.

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Facebook’s photo sharing service “Instagram”was the unique platform protestors chose to cover the event through their snapshots for the world to see.

By the end of 2014 there were close to 300 million active users across the world. Once the Chinese government deemed Instagram illegal (like every other social platform in the world they can’t censor)it was censored across mainland China including others like Facebook, Google, Twitter and WhatsApp.

Instagram Blocked All Over China

So, if you are travelling to China you might want to consider if you can use Instagram in China. In the following sections we will guide you how to use Instagram in China.

Instagram Blocked in China

Screen Capture from demonstrating how no Chinese server could access Instagram

Unblock Instagram in China Using a VPN

Once you are signed up and ready to go with your new Instagram VPN, open up the VPN provider’s app (usually available from Premium Instagram VPN providers)and connect through any region that allows access to Instagram and other social networks.

Step 1: Connect your VPN Service to a server that allows Instagram, as an example I am using Ivacy VPN and connecting to a UK Maidenhead Server. As you can notice I can manually connect to a UK VPN server, you can choose automatic settings or simply get help from your provider’s online help.

Step 2: Once connected to the relevant server, simply head on to your browser window.

Unblock Instagram in China with VPN

You can now access Instagram in China while no one including the Chinese Online Police or the Great Firewall. As you can see it is as easy as two clicks and your Instagram awaits you on the other end. You can follow similar steps to access Instagram on your mobile devices. Easy to use mobile apps available from most premium Instagram VPN providers allow you constant protection and privacy when on mobile networks. Most providers also offer manual setup guides just in case you experience issues downloading apps.

Say Goodbye to the Great Firewall for Good

Instagram users in China can relax and breathe freely since they can now use Instagram in China using a premium Instagram VPN. Access our premium Instagram VPN reviews and unblock all social networks everywhere anytime in China. Beat the Great Firewall and access Instagram in China with VPN now. Read another post on how to use instagram in china.

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