Improving Email Security – Tips & Solution

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Email communication has been around for decades and has proved to be a much better source of communication than physical posts.

Emails have made their way in the personal lives of individuals across the world and serves as an important part of communicating with people across the world.

According to statistics, there are going to be 3.8 billion email accounts by next year.

All kinds of personal topics are discussed through emails and no one would want this ‘content’ falling into the wrong hands. Therefore, personal email security is a cause of concern for many people.

The Rise of Smartphone

The rise of Smartphone has also resulted in a greater number of people using these devices to access their email accounts. As email security tipscompared to laptops, Smartphone are more vulnerable to data breach attempts.

Since Smartphone can be easily connected to the Internet through public networks such as WiFi hotspots at coffee shops and airports, it has become even more important to ensure that hackers and data thieves do not get access to email accounts through these public Internet networks.

Businesses have also been using email for communicating with their employees, clients, and stakeholders for a very long time. All kind of important and confidential information is shared through emails.

That is the reason why email communication security has become extremely important for businesses, as well.

Email Security Tips- The First Line of Defense

There are various options to protect one against old-school hacking attempts. These options are:

  • Setting difficult passwords incorporating both alphabets and numbers
  • Changing passwords frequently
  • Setting a difficult secret question
  • Not storing passwords with the browser
  • Deleting Internet cache at the end of every Internet browsing session

These are very basic security protocols that must be followed to ensure a minimum deterrence to email hacking threats.

Beware of TyposquattingImproving Email Security

Another novel method invented by hackers and spammers is to register domain names that are very similar to popular websites.

These domain names differ themselves from their more popular counterparts by way of typographical errors.

For example, is a popular website but might be a website managed by a cybersquatter. Such a website can take form of an email client website as well where unsuspecting users might give their username and passwords due to a similar layout.

At the end of the day, the most logical, simple, and cost-effective solution for ensuring security of email communication is to use a Virtual Private Network, or VPN.

How Does VPN Ensure Safe Emailing?

A VPN service uses its servers based in different countries to assign a user an IP, different from the user’s actual IP, to surf the Internet.

This translates into a VPN user surfing the Internet with an IP from a different country. A VPN uses sophisticated encryption techniques and protocols to make email communications unreadable to those who are not supposed to read them.

Since these VPN servers have much stronger firewalls and anti-hacking tools in place, a VPN user can safely use email accounts without having to worry about security and hacking.

Improving Email Security

Apart from protecting email communications, a VPN user can also enjoy access to location-restricted content from the entire globe and bypass time-restricted web services.

A comprehensive VPN service provider offers VPN applications that are compatible with different operating systems and devices such as laptops, tablets, windows devices, android devices, Mac systems, and iOS devices.


The popularity of the Internet has also brought along the threats of hackers and spammers compromising one’s online security and privacy, and the worst of security breaches is an email account hack.

This is so because it contains confidential personal and business information. Therefore, a VPN can be the best tool for both individuals and business to protect their email communications from being read by hackers and spammers.

Bottom-line: Safeguard your Internet, get VPN today!


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