ibVPN Review

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IbVPN stands for Invisible Browsing Virtual Private Network and the company has gained immense popularity as a VPN service provider. Their service enables the users to browse the net in a secured environment.

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The company started its operations since 2003 and is committed to delivering the best VPN solutions to those who are interested in becoming untraceable, unmonitored and undetectable by any unauthorized party.

The company has years of experience in internet privacy development and offers the best security services online. However, before availing their services, one should read ibVPN review so that it becomes easy for the users to decide whether the service is suitable for them or not.

ibVPN WorldWide  Existence

ibVPN Review

Invisible Browsing VPN has servers all over the world. The servers are located in US, UK, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Romania, Sweden, Russia and Luxembourg. ibVPN also supports multiple VPN protocols and OpenVPN is considered to be great for connecting PC, Linux or Mac.

ibVPN Pricing & Plans

ibVPN Review

Cost has always been the prime factor of the users before they can avail any VPN service. ibVPN providers offer two different types of packages and a third package on file sharing traffic.

First is the standard service that comes with dual country package. The premium plan offers more servers and the user can also enjoy some discounts when they sign for six month or a one year plan.

The multi plan package offers access to a wide range of features and the plan allows multiple accounts. The company offers a 15 day grace period and during this period the user can cancel the order if not satisfied with the service.

Payment Modes of ibVPN

When it comes to making payment ibVPN accepts a wide range of options that includes credit card payments, PayPal, GiroPay, Diners Club, Liberty Reserve and Alert Pay.

ibVPN Review

The users can also use wire transfer to make the payments for subscription. With ibVPN the users can browse web content without having the fear of privacy invasion, security breaches.

You can do just anything online from paying bills, interacting with friends and storing confidential documents and etc. The performance of ibVPN in certain cases is slow but the reliability high and the price offers value of money.

Supported Protocols by ibVPN

ibVPN supports open VPN protocols and PPTP and it is vital for the user to select the right plan that offers the flexibility and services that they are looking for.

They also support proxy services and LT2P users. The company provides 10 accounts and can also add 5 more if the user wants a second account for another member.

Devices Supported by ibVPN

ipVPN permits unblocking of various websites and applications that can be easily accessed with various portable systems. iPad and iPhones work with ipVPN and the users can access them securely from any handheld device.

Other supported devices include WM Smartphones, Androidand DD-WRT routers. The services are also compatible with some gaming systems like XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3. ibVPN also supports operating systems like Windows XP, 7, Vista, Mac OS X 10.2 and Linux.

ibVPN Connection Speed

ibVPN was tested for the internet speed and we found it to be 41.40MBPs download and 3.15 MBPs upstream. After connecting it to PPTP VPN server US, the internet speed dropped to 10.37 Mbps download.

Thus, the performance was much slower than some other services and the company should consider the issue and take steps to enhance the speed.

As far as bandwidth is concerned there are no restrictions except in certain cases that involves P2P sharing. The activity logs are also not tracked and the ibVPN does not charge any additional fees while switching from servers to servers. This is quite appealing to the users.


If the company works on the performance and it satisfies your needs then you can definitely give ibVPN a try. Since the internet has become very unsafe for online transactions and sharing confidential information, it is a need to protect the privacy to avoid all unfortunate incidents like spying, hacking and cyber theft.

IbVPNgives the protection that the users are actually seeking and when it is all about VPN services, ibVPN is a trusted brand that you can rely on.

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