How To Watch Youku outside China With A VPN

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YouTube’s Chinese equivalent Youku is famed not only in China but also amongst Chinese users across the world. Youku is popular within Chinese borders since YouTube is actively blocked on all ISPs in mainland China, together with all other Google Services.

youku blocked outside china

Youku Blocked outside China

A claim I had to put to the test was if Youku was blocked outside Chinese cyberspace. I found that you can watch Youku outside China without any issues in most regions of the world including Europe, South Asia, Australia and North America. However, geo-restrictions are still active on videos protected by license and copyright claims.

Accessing Blocked Videos with Youku VPN

This is where Youku streaming gets tricky. To access restricted media you will require a VPN to watch Youku outside China. The VPN for Youku will connect you to a China based server, assigning you a Chinese IP address. This will ensure that Youku recognizes you as a China based user and thus unlocking all videos restricted by licenses.

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The Best Youku VPN for dedicated Streaming

Youku fans who feel their favorite videos are blocked due to regional restrictions can subscribe to a Youku VPN. For your convenience, we have reviewed 5 of the best VPN to watch Youku outside China, you can read our exclusive reviews and also check if the VPN service actually bypasses the Great Firewall of China.

Beware of the Ridiculous Chinese Government

Users should be aware of one thing: the Chinese Government periodically scrambles the servers of VPN services. This causes speed issues for short intervals for most VPN services. For instance, Golden Frog and Astrill VPN, both recently suffered complete blackouts and users could not access any services through the two providers.

Foreign VPN service providers may experience slowdowns and erratic bandwidth but they cannot be completely banned by the Chinese Government.

Another word of caution: under any circumstances do not subscribe to a Chinese VPN provider. The Chinese Government now keeps logs and source codes of all IT companies operating in their economy. This means they not only control the activity logs of users, but also control each and every service in their country (ridiculous isn’t it?).

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A User Comment From an eSecurity Planet Post

Added Benefits of a VPN for Youku
Apart from unblocking restricted and license protected content a VPN also provides you the following benefits :

  • Encryption to keep your data secured and coded
  • Tunneling Protocols to hide your online activity from ISPs, Government spying and cybercriminals
  • DDoS protection to avoid Denial of Service and malware
  • Dedicated Streaming services
  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • Multi User access to protect all your devices and your loved ones
  • P2P servers for torrents and file sharing
  • Gaming servers
  • Business services and support for remote working


Chinese expatriates can access the full video catalogue and watch Youku outside China with a VPN. Read through our exclusive reviews and see which service best fits your needs. Trial a few services to know their true effect on your network performance. To leave you with a smile here is this week’s pick:

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