How To Unblock Twitter

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How To Unblock Twitter

Twitter is the big daddy of micro-blogging landscape. The huge social network supports 35+ languages and has over 241 million users who make over half a billion tweets every day. However, 77% of Twitter users reside outside US and face imminent threats of censorship and blockage.

Apart from countries like China, where Twitter has been blocked for years, there are many other countries that have been toying with Twitter blockage a number of times. These countries include Egypt, France, India, South Korea and the UK.

It is here that a VPN comes best in use. Here are the top 10 VPN services to unblock Twitter from any place in the world:


Twitter Censorship and Restrictions across the World

Revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia, social unrest in UK and France, censorship in China, belligerent rant in Iran and Korea, have all resulted in Twitter blocks  in these regions, either temporary or permanent.

Just recently, Twitter released a list of data removal requests it received in 2013. A total number of 352 removal requests were made. Surprisingly, France bagged the crown for Twitter censorship by making 306 or 87% of the total request.

There were others in the censorship and data removal race, with China blocking it altogether, while Egypt, India and Iran getting a few Twitter accounts removed from their cyber landscape.

There is also a story that British Prime Minister David Cameron threatened to block Twitter following the 2011 London riots. Plus, there are incidences of Twitter blockage in Gulf and Middle Eastern regions including Syria, UAE, Saudi Arab and Pakistan.

As shown in trends of Google searches, queries for terms like ‘unblock twitter, how to unblock twitter, twitter unblock and how to remove twitter block’ have phenomenally increased from different regions, around the world.

How to Unblock Twitter with a VPN service?

As the World Wide Web becomes an increasingly insecure place, more censorship is feared in the social networking landscape. Luckily, a surefire way to unblock twitter has evolved over these years: Virtual Private Network, or VPN.

This online service can be used by people travelling to or living in regions where Twitter is blocked, censored, monitored or banned. A VPN will get you an IP address from the US or any other country where twitter is fully accessible.

You do not need any extra hardware to get it running.

VPN Unblocks Twitter via IP Switching

A VPN has multiple servers in different regions where Twitter is accessible. A VPN assigns an IP address from those regions to the computer requesting twitter.

Put differently, a VPN replaces your true (or original IP) with one from its remote servers for which Twitter access is permitted. Hence, you get a seamless twitter unblock experience.

What Else Do You Get From a Twitter VPN?

In addition to getting Twitter unblocked for you, a VPN also helps in protecting your internet security and privacy. Your internet traffic routing through a VPN is wholly encrypted and coded, so that no cyber crook or hacker can break into your private data.

Moreover, a Twitter VPN also ensures full anonymity of your identity so that you’re safe from cyber surveillance, the NSA and other spying agencies.

By assuming IP from another country and using data encryption tactics, you literally become untraceable and invincible! 

Determining the Best Twitter VPN in 2014

Most VPNs will get Twitter unblocked for you. However, finding the best Twitter VPN, one that will give you maximum speed, coverage, support, pricing and security can be cumbersome.

You must assess the core offerings of the top VPN providers and you must also see that your VPN is compatible with different devices and operating systems.

We have reviewed the best Twitter VPNs in the industry and compiled the aforementioned list of the top 10 best Twitter VPN for 2014 after considerable research. Do give it a look to evaluate what can become the best Twitter VPN for you.


The growing popularity of Twitter accompanies an equally growing threat of censorship and surveillance. A VPN is a highly effective tool to unblock Twitter and other social networks, anywhere in the world.

Twitter and other similar social communication platforms have, and will continue to, enable people to exercise their rights to information freedom and freedom of expression. So go ahead, get a Twitter VPN account, and unblock Twitter straightaway!


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