VPN Mac OS X – How to Setup VPN on Mac OS X

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Mac is regarded as the most iconic brand from Apple Inc. Its operating system, the Mac OS, has been a symbol of seamless security since 2001.

The first version was titled ‘Mac OS X 10.0 Cheetah’. Since then, all Mac OS X operating systems have been named after strong, big cats. However, like all other internet users, Mac users also need to secure themselves online, and the solution for that lies in getting the Best VPN for Mac.

To aid you in getting the best VPN, we have compiled a list of the top 10 VPN Mac OS X in the market today.

List of the top 5 Best VPN Mac OS X:

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Apart from this list, we have also compiled a weighted-average graph of the top 5 best VPN for Mac that ranks all 5 VPN providers on different factors with each factor assigned an appropriate weight. However, let’s first discover why you would need a Mac VPN.

The Need for a Mac VPN

Even though Apple products like Mac are considered as ‘apple of the eye’ of the computing world, cybercrime appears to give little tolerance to such products and services.

The rising incidents of cybercrime, data theft, data breach, malware attacks and more have troubled computer users around the world, including Mac OS X users.

That is the reason why the best option for Mac OS X users to protect their online security and identity is to use the Best VPN for Mac.

Setting up a VPN on Mac OS

Before we get on with the actual configuration steps for setting up your Mac VPN, you first need to have some basic settings from the provider.

These settings include the address of the VPN server that you wish to connect to, your username, password, and a network authentication certificate.

Most importantly, you need to have administrative access to your Mac OS to properly set up your best VPN for Mac. While the difference in VPN configuration settings for all versions of Mac OS are similar, here we specifically discuss the configuration procedure for Mac OS 10.5X and above.

1. Network Selection – Enter the Menu in your Mac OS X and choose ‘System Preferences’. This tool can also be selected from the ‘dock’ option provided in the Mac OS X. Once the system preferences window opens, select the ‘Network’ option given under ‘Internet & Network’.

2. New Connection – Once the window for ‘Network’ configuration opens, click on the tab titled ‘+’. This will start the proceedings for setting up a new connection for your best VPN Mac.

3. VPN Information – Once the new setup process starts, select the menu titled ‘Interface’ and select the detail titled ‘VPN’. Then, make the choice for your desired VPN protocol; by default, it is set to using L2TP IPSec. Now select the option titled ‘VPN (L2TP)’ and enter the name of your best VPN Mac provider when prompted. Finally, click the ‘Create’ button.

4. Configuring the New Connection – The next window that opens will ask you to provide some details of your Mac VPN. Here, you will need to provide the address of the server of your best Mac VPN that you wish to connect to. Similarly, enter your VPN account username in the field titled ‘Account Name’.

5. Authentication Settings – After configuring the new connection, the next step in setting up your Mac VPN is to configure the authentication settings by clicking on the ‘Authentication Settings’ button. Once inside, select the option titled ‘password, and provide your password to the VPN account. Next step is to enter the ‘pre shared IPSec Key’ allotted to you by your best VPN Mac provider: Click ‘OK’ once done.

6. Advanced Settings – Now click the button titled ‘Advanced’. Once it is opened, click on the tab titled ‘options’ and put a tick mark on the option titled ‘send all traffic over VPN connection’. In this tab, there is also an option titled ‘Use Verbose Logging’. The purpose of verbose logging is to record an increased amount of details about your VPN session for troubleshooting purposes later on. As ‘verbose logging’ is usually considered to hamper internet speed, it is up to the user to put a tick mark on this option or not.

7. Apply Settings – At the bottom right hand corner of the window, there is a button titled ‘Apply’. Please click on it to apply the best VPN Mac settings you have just entered.

8. Connect to VPN – This is the moment of truth. Take a deep breath and click on the connect button. Congratulations! You have successfully configured your best VPN for Mac. Now, you can enjoy a safe, secure, and anonymous internet with accessibility to all websites and safe P2P file-sharing!

Best VPN for Mac

The best VPN for Mac has its servers placed in different countries around the world. Each server provides a range of IP addresses behind which best VPN Mac users can hide their identity and avail complete online anonymity.

Moreover, these servers also help best VPN Mac users to unblock restricted content from different countries around the world.

1- Quality Entertainment – A Mac VPN helps its users to access websites like Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, Spotify, BBC iPlayer, and more from any location in the world. While this service helps the entire world from gaining access to quality entertainment content, it is most useful for Americans travelling outside of the US and want to stay connected to their favorite content from any corner of the world.

2- P2P File-Sharing – Assuming a different IP address from one of the VPN servers also allows internet users to engage in P2P file-sharing like torrents. VPN servers are generally placed in countries like Netherlands and Iceland, countries that have soft rules relating to P2P file-sharing and strict rules relating to privacy of internet surfers.

3- Safety & Security of Data – Another great advantage of using the Mac VPN is security and safety of data. The best VPN for Mac uses sophisticated data tunneling protocols and data encryption techniques to protect its users’ data from falling into malicious hands. Therefore, Mac VPN users can freely shop from around the world, freely connect to public WiFi hotspots, freely conduct banking transactions, and do anything they like on the internet without having to worry about hackers gaining access to their data.

4- Protection from Malware – Lastly, a best VPN Mac has extensive antivirus and antimalware solutions running on all its servers that prevent malicious files and software from getting access to the users’ Mac OS X systems, and other machines as well. This way, best VPN Mac users can surf the internet without having to worry about malware.


Mac VPN is your ultimate solution for online privacy, anonymity and security. The rising cases of cybercrime and resulting vulnerability of ordinary internet users against powerful syndicates like NSA necessitate an immediate use of a secure anonymization service.

This article gives a complete list of the top 10 best VPN for Mac along with the configuration settings necessary to set it up. We hope that it helps our users in protecting their information, their data and their identity while enjoying P2P file-sharing and entertainment from around the world!


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