How to Setup a VPN on iPhone 4/4S

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The iPhone 4 was one of the best comebacks by Apple in European and North American regions, after the unsuccessful attempt to relaunch the somewhat unattractive iPhone 3/3GS. The Addition of unique design features and iOS updates made the fourth iPhone sibling a huge success around the world.

Apple iPhone Market Share by Model

Apple iPhone Market Share by Model

The iPhone 4/4S also inspired the most successful iPhone 5/5S series, which proved to be a huge success for its online privacy and security features. Amongst the many additions made to the iPhone 4/4S, it was embedded with the VPN or Virtual Private Networking feature.

Setup VPN on iPhone 4/4S

The iPhone 4/4S is embedded with a VPN feature to enable users to manually setup their service in case the provider does not offer an iOS app. In the following section we will guide you to setup your VPN service manually.

Another way to use an iPhone 4 VPN is by using provider apps available to users when they subscribe to a service. Most VPN providers offer minimal effort client apps to ensure security and privacy is a two click process. Read through our exclusive VPN reviews to learn more and trial the service that fits your criteria.

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Why Use A VPN for iPhone

In case you missed it, the Apple Inc.’s iCloud servers fell victim to some very clever hackers who not only stole terabytes of Apple user data but also their personal photos and contact lists. This hack hurt countless people around the world including Hollywood celebrities who were also targeted in the attack. Amongst those affected the most prominent was ‘The Hunger Games’ lead Jennifer Lawrence as well as other prominent figures such as Kate Upton and Kirsten Dunst.

Apple Inc. reported themselves that the vulnerability was not in their cloud servers but in their devices, which helped hackers decipher the personal details of affected users. Ironically, this was not the first security flaw in the iPhone and part of the reason because of which the incident made headlines was because celebrities’ personal pictures leaked online. Countless people began using iPhone 4 VPN services in order to take a stand against hack attacks after the hack attack exposed the iPhone 4’s weak security.

Joker iPhone Hack

CVE Details (a security vulnerability database) identifies some 448 security vulnerabilities in the iPhone OS, with new ones being added every day. More than 100 of these vulnerabilities are ranked 9.0 to 10.0 (the highest threat levels). So, no matter what the profit hungry Apple Inc. tells you, don’t forget that if a bunch of Chinese hackers broke through their “apparent” fool proof security imagine what a serious hacker can do.

Identity Protection

iPhone users need not worry though, a VPN will ensure your identity is hidden. An iPhone 4 VPN ensures that this is by creating a secure tunneled connection with a foreign based VPN server. This allows all your internet traffic to pass through a highly encrypted tunnel, while you are behind a foreign IP address.

Cybercriminals, ISPs and even Government trackers will only see your connection with the VPN server and will be oblivious to your activity.


A VPN for iPhone 4 will also ensure that all the data going in and out of your device is encrypted using military grade encryption algorithms. What this does in simple terms is convert your personal data and information into binary code (combinations of 0 and 1) thus making it unreadable for even the most sophisticated hackers.


Remember that your online security is your priority and not of the ISP or of the device manufacturer. Read through our detailed VPN reviews and learn how the best iPhone 4 VPN help secure your identity, data, activity and online privacy. Visit us again for more guides to secure your online privacy or leave us a comment to show your support for our iPhone 4 VPN setup manual. 

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Ran into a problem in setting up VPN on your iPhone 4 or your iPhone 4s? Sound off in the comments section for help from VPN veterans.

Ameer Abbas

Ameer Abbas is a writer with a keen interest in information technology and presents a critical point of view in his writing. Ameer takes interest in outdoor sports, geo-political affairs and finance. Apart from being an athlete and swimmer he also enjoys online gaming.

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    • Ehimen danny

      I have an iphone4 can,t set my VPN. What do i do?

      • Dimya deosingh

        i have erase the add vpn configuration,how to set up the description required,server required,account required.thanks

  • donya

    i m living in iran and have an iphone,
    but i can not connect too vpn & faceBook
    plz help me

  • Hamed

    Hi please give me vpn iphone4

  • Ann

    I use this VPN setup guide vpn setup guide to iphone. It works for iphone, ipad, ipod touch.

  • Zeus

    I do all steps but when I set it on
    it tells me ( A connection could not be established to the PPP server. try reconnecting. If the problem continues, verify your settings and contact your Administrator.),,,, pleas someone help me to fix it


      Hey Zeus,

      This means you should be contacting your VPN Provider. You need to be sure of following things,

      – That your VPN Provider supports VPN on iPhone.
      – If it does then you should be sure that you are on the right server and using the right Protocol.
      – You should make sure that you are entering the right server address and login details to connect to the server.
      – The error message you are receiving is mainly due to server IP address or Permission issues. Kindly confirm your login details and server address with your VPN provider.
      – Plus you can not simultaneously use many VPN services on iPhone/iPad and your Computer. Try Disconnecting your Computer first and then connect your mobile device to VPN.

      hope that helps :)

  • sanako


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  • Bita

    Please give me free vpn for iphon 4

  • Unique

    what we should write in secret?


      Dear Unique,

      Secret would be given by your VPN services provider. Ask your VPN Provider for secret, as soon as you enter the secret provided by them, you will be able to connect to the VPN.

      Secret adds an extra level of security. Its like 2 level verification.

      Hope it solves your problem.

  • Allie

    How do you know what the VPN password is?

    • Allie

      to turn on the VPN from the settings menu, I mean.



        You have to remember your password and enter it everytime you want to connect to VPN.

        The password that initially has been provided to you by your VPN provider.

        I hope that answers your question.

        Thanks :)

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  • Pejman

    Hi, thank you for the steps, but i need an expert to help me.
    i have L2TP vpn that works in my laptop.
    but when i setup it on iphone, it connects but seems there is no internet in iphone and i can’t do anything.
    as i investigated , when i connect in PC, may submask is , but in iphone after connection , submast is !!!!
    please help me.


      Hello Pejman,

      Thank you very much for posting your question.

      Pejman, You need to check two things here. The first one is that either internet is working on your iphone without VPN? And through which medium you are willing to use VPN with your iPhone? Either 3G or Wifi?

      Secondly, i will recommend you to try setting PPTP with your iPhone.

      We will appreciate if you further elaborate that which VPN Service are you using for your iPhone to get connected?

      You can also drop us email on support (at) bestvpnservice (dot) com . One of our Technical Support Squad will respond you promptly.

      Hope this will help you.

      Thanks :)

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  • jeboi

    i would like to clarify, are those listed vpn for iphone or any idevice works on any country? im from philippines

  • iphone 6

    Awesome, quite a few highly great suggestions! I value you crafting this page and the rest of your web-site is excellent!