How to Setup VPN on iPhone 4

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Setting up VPN iPhone 4 is quite as simple and as similar to setting up VPN on iPad. It is not as difficult or technical a task that many of us think it is. Now before I go on to explain the process, here is a short list of top 5 VPN providers that have shown the best compatibility for VPN iPhone 4. Their prominence is not only in US but also in European and Asian countries.

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 VPN connectivity on iPhone gives us security, encryption, anonymity and most importantly Privacy. Privacy is what every iPhone user wants, as we tend to connect to every public Wifi or Hot-spot connection available in cafes, malls and even on streets. These Public Wifi connections are extremely dangerous as the connection has almost zero security for the user, plus a person using a simple hacking software (something like Firesheep) can easily intercept your connection and steal your passwords, email address or whatever you are transferring through your phone on Public Wifi. There are several other Purposes of using VPN iPhone 4 explained here.

PPTP VPN iPhone 4

Now back to the Point, How to Setup VPN on iPhone 4. Its easy and like other VPN Setups a piece of cake. Following are the simple steps to establish a PPTP VPN connection on your iPhone.

  1. Tap on your iPhone Settings Icon.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Tap Network.
  4. Tap VPN.
  5. Now you will find an option to configure a VPN connection named “Add VPN Configuration”.
  6. Select PPTP, i’ll let you know about the L2TP setup, later in this post.
  7. Simply, add your VPN configuration being provided by your VPN Service Provider.
  8. Description is simply the Name that you want to give to your VPN  Connection. Name it whatever you want to name it. e.g.
  9. Now Server name is only provided by the VPN service provider. It will be like “”. Do not try and put this as your server name, it won’t work. It will only be provided by your service provider. :)
  10. Similar to your Server Name, Your Account Name and Password will also be provided by your VPN Service provider.
  11. After adding the information in these three fields. Set your RSA Secure ID to Off.
  12. Set your encryption level to Auto.
  13. Set, “Send All Traffic” to “ON”
  14. Save the Configurations and return back to the Home Screen of your iPhone.
  15. Tap your Settings once again and now Magic! you will see VPN Slider Tab added to your settings, just below your WiFi Tab.
  16. Set it to ON. You will have your VPN up and running.

L2TP VPN on iPhone4

Adding L2TP Connection on iPhone follows the steps similar to setting up a PPTP Connection. You just have to select L2TP, while configuring a VPN Connection. Enter all the fields as described above in the PPTP setup. You will just see one added feature i.e. you will have to enter a Secret. The secret will also be provided to you by your VPN Service Provider. that will be unique to a VPN Service Provider for providing L2TP Connection.

Which VPN Service to use for iPhone 4

It’s not an easy decision decision to make, especially when there are so many VPN Services available. Therefore, as a VPN review website, has a list of Top 10 VPN Providers, which can help you with your choice of VPN Service for your iPhone.

iPhone4 VPN

Or we also have a dedicated list of Top 10 VPN providers for iPhone 4. As VPN for iPhone has dedicated needs, so it is very necessary that we have a dedicated list for iPhone VPN. Though there are many VPN services feasible for iPhone, but those which are tested by several users and customers plus are reliable in terms of network, infrastructure and most importantly customer support are given preference over others. You can also check out the details of Top 10 VPN for iPhone Post. Moreover, this is not all, you can also fine all the reviews, details, customer reviews on the respective profile pages of all theVPN Service providers, which will not only help you out in making the buying decision but we hope that our recommended VPN Services will also provide you with the Best Solution to your VPN Needs. In Addition with that, Apple Inc has recently launched its new product and that is iPhone 4S, which is quiet remarkable and attracts user with its new Siri technology. After the re advancement of iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S people find ways to protect it also and we have made it easy for our readers as we have documented a related post on How to Setup VPN on IOS5.  Now you can easily configure VPN Setting on your new IOS5 by simple following the simple steps. If you love it follow us on Twitter@Bestvpnservice. Or Like us on Facebook. We have loads of free VPN accounts for our Visitors on our Facebook and Twitter Page every week.

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    • Ehimen danny

      I have an iphone4 can,t set my VPN. What do i do?

      • Dimya deosingh

        i have erase the add vpn configuration,how to set up the description required,server required,account required.thanks

  • donya

    i m living in iran and have an iphone,
    but i can not connect too vpn & faceBook
    plz help me

  • Hamed

    Hi please give me vpn iphone4

  • Ann

    I use this VPN setup guide vpn setup guide to iphone. It works for iphone, ipad, ipod touch.

  • Zeus

    I do all steps but when I set it on
    it tells me ( A connection could not be established to the PPP server. try reconnecting. If the problem continues, verify your settings and contact your Administrator.),,,, pleas someone help me to fix it


      Hey Zeus,

      This means you should be contacting your VPN Provider. You need to be sure of following things,

      – That your VPN Provider supports VPN on iPhone.
      – If it does then you should be sure that you are on the right server and using the right Protocol.
      – You should make sure that you are entering the right server address and login details to connect to the server.
      – The error message you are receiving is mainly due to server IP address or Permission issues. Kindly confirm your login details and server address with your VPN provider.
      – Plus you can not simultaneously use many VPN services on iPhone/iPad and your Computer. Try Disconnecting your Computer first and then connect your mobile device to VPN.

      hope that helps :)

  • sanako


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  • Bita

    Please give me free vpn for iphon 4

  • Unique

    what we should write in secret?


      Dear Unique,

      Secret would be given by your VPN services provider. Ask your VPN Provider for secret, as soon as you enter the secret provided by them, you will be able to connect to the VPN.

      Secret adds an extra level of security. Its like 2 level verification.

      Hope it solves your problem.

  • Allie

    How do you know what the VPN password is?

    • Allie

      to turn on the VPN from the settings menu, I mean.



        You have to remember your password and enter it everytime you want to connect to VPN.

        The password that initially has been provided to you by your VPN provider.

        I hope that answers your question.

        Thanks :)

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  • Pejman

    Hi, thank you for the steps, but i need an expert to help me.
    i have L2TP vpn that works in my laptop.
    but when i setup it on iphone, it connects but seems there is no internet in iphone and i can’t do anything.
    as i investigated , when i connect in PC, may submask is , but in iphone after connection , submast is !!!!
    please help me.


      Hello Pejman,

      Thank you very much for posting your question.

      Pejman, You need to check two things here. The first one is that either internet is working on your iphone without VPN? And through which medium you are willing to use VPN with your iPhone? Either 3G or Wifi?

      Secondly, i will recommend you to try setting PPTP with your iPhone.

      We will appreciate if you further elaborate that which VPN Service are you using for your iPhone to get connected?

      You can also drop us email on support (at) bestvpnservice (dot) com . One of our Technical Support Squad will respond you promptly.

      Hope this will help you.

      Thanks :)

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  • jeboi

    i would like to clarify, are those listed vpn for iphone or any idevice works on any country? im from philippines

  • iphone 6

    Awesome, quite a few highly great suggestions! I value you crafting this page and the rest of your web-site is excellent!