How to setup Putty for SSH VPN

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Putty is an application that acts as a client for telnet and SSH VPN for Unix and Windows platforms.

It can be opened on a computer terminal with the help of SSH, ie. Secure Shell / VPN Tunnel and can make way for a proxy between putty and a remote computer with Linux OS. A browser configuration is then set up it as Socks5 proxy.

Let us know in detail how to do all this and create your own VPN.

Prerequisites of setting up putty ssh for VPN

  • Putty ssh, which can be downloaded online free of cost
  • Computer with Windows OS ( Your own PC)
  • A Remote computer with Linux that will be used to connect Putty

Putty ssh does not require to be installed on a computer for its functioning, it is a self-contained application and can be easily carried in a USB stick to use it at the place of your own choice.

You can launch it at any of your preferred place such as at work place, in a cyber cafe, or college lab.

It can then be configured with any browser to connect to the remote computer with Linux OS, to make  it appropriate for use as a proxy gateway.

In the end, it enables you to route the traffic with the help of SSH encryption level.

Putty SSH

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Steps to Configure putty SSH

  1. Open Putty and provide the port and IP address of your remote linux computer.  In case of SSH, it has to be port 22.
  2. Next, move to the bottom part of left pane towards “Connection” part and click the ‘+’ on SSH, next click Tunnels. It is to establish a VPN connection with Putty.
  3. In the ‘Options controlling SSH port forwarding’ pane on the right, type 8080 in the ‘Source Port’ and then click ‘Dynamic’.
  4. Click ‘Add’ to see ‘D8080’ appearing in the forwarded ports.
  5. Now navigate back to the topmost option, ‘Sessions’ on the left pane and click open.
  6. In the resulting screen, you will be asked to mention your username and password that has been provided for the access of Linux box.
  7. Login to continue with browser configuration.

Configuring browser with Putty

1. Mozilla Firefox

Set the browser configuration in a way so as to load the connection through loop back interface,that is,  from For this,

  1. Open Firefox
  2. Click on Edit->Preferences->Advanced.
  3. Look out for the 4 tabs next and click ‘Network’.
  4. You will find an option that says, “Configure how Firefox connects to the internet”.
  5. Click the ‘Settings’ option opposite to get the connection Settings window as shown in the image below:

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In SOCKS Host, type  and 8080 in the port adjacent to it. is only the loopback address that refers to the location of your own computer or localhost.

Next, click OK to surf the internet via remote computer as a Socks5 Proxy.

2. Internet Explorer

The process to configure internet explorer for Putty is also a simple one. For this,

  1. Choose  either IE 7 or 8.
  2. Go to Tools->Internet Options->Connection Settings.
  3. Click “LAN Settings”.
  4. Look out for “use a proxy server for LAN connection” option and click it.
  5. Next, click Advanced and provide the Socks as and Port as 8080.
  6. You are now free to use internet trough Socks5 Proxy through Internet Explorer.


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