How to Setup Xbox One & PS4 VPN

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Reducing Lag with a PS4 & Xbox One VPN

Gaming with lag is a serious mood killer, causing you to make some terrible moves like destroying your controller or keyboard. We give you the best option to get rid of that annoying lag and game online in any region of the world.

A PS4 VPN ensures you are always connected to a dedicated P2P & Gaming server with minimum traffic, considering the millions of users connected to regular servers across the world. Trial the best Xbox One VPN & PS4 VPN todayand kill the lag now.

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PS4/Xbox One VPN for Multiplayer

Ever been blocked from multiplayer gaming at school, university or libraries? An Xbox One/PS4 VPN is the ideal way to go around the ISP block and connect to multiplayer networks even at schools and libraries.

Access Region Exclusive Content with a PS4-Xbox One VPN

If you are tired of waiting for exclusive content, items, games, updates and beta test apps, you need not wait anymore. Simply connect a VPN and find all those gaming treasures from the relevant regions. For instance, you can access beta test games immediately after release through relevant regions. Similarly, you can buy items, games and other bonus media by simply accessing servers through a the best PS4/Xbox One VPN service.

Geo-Restricted Web Services

The PS4 and Xbox One have been embedded with apps for video and music apps. But it does come with some bad news, users outside the prescribed regions will be banned from streaming any of the services mentioned on the official app stores of the Play Station 4 and the Xbox One.



DDoS Protection

Following the attack on the gaming servers of both the PS4 and Xbox, console gamers swarmed the internet looking for a protection mechanism that would secure their IP addresses against any DDoS attacks in the future.

In 2014, the gaming servers of both major gaming platforms suffered massive Denial of Service attacks for a second time in 3 years, causing a complete outage of their services. Although the criminals behind the attack were identified and a man was arrested recently in connection to the attacks, the threat will always exist given the fragile nature of the server infrastructure of these organizations.

Setting Up  VPN On Your PS4 And Xbox One

There are two waysto configure your gaming consoles with a PS4 VPN or Xbox One VPN. You can configure yourDDWRT router with VPN to unblock services and secure your network, or,share your internet connection through a computer to your console.

What you will need before setting up VPN with a DDWRT Router

  1. An additional router which should not be your ISP providers modem-router(*flashed and configured with VPN)
  2. A PS4 or Xbox One gaming console
  3. An Ethernet cable (wireless connections will be slow)
  4. A Xbox One/PS4 VPN Service (compatible for gaming)
  5. Patience … you will need it

*To Learn about flashing and configuring your router with a VPN visit our post. In case you are unsure about the flashing process, contact your VPN provider who will be more than happy to help you flash and configure the router through their live chat services.

Configuring Your Router with PS4 VPN & XboxOne VPN

Usually routers are only built in to handle PPTP protocol offered by PS4/Xbox360 VPN services. To configure your router access the router configuration by opening a new browser window and type, you will be taken to the router configuration settings (see screenshots below).

You will be taken to the router configuration (mine is a TP-Link router):

how to setup vpn on ps4 xbox one step 1


Click the Network Tab on the left hand side Menu, you will generally see WAN and LAN under Network Options for all router brands. At this point you will be required to contact your XboxOne-PS4 VPN provider for specific details including

  • Username & Password
  • IP type
  • Server IP Address Name
  • MTU, and
  • The connection mode

Do remember most routers will only offer limited tunneling protocols, the suggested one universally available in routers is PPTP as shown in our example.  Do remember always to take guidance when configuring your PS4-XboxOne VPN service on the router directly this may corrupt your network settings if done incorrectly.

how to setup vpn on ps4 xbox one step 2

Once you have configured your PS4/XboxOne VPN on the router simply reboot the device (wait 10 seconds before powering it back on).

Once the router has been properly setup and configured with PS4-XboxOne VPN you can disconnect the cable and simply connect your gaming console through the Wi-Fi feature available in both the PS4 & XboxOne consoles.

Sharing the connection with a Laptop/Mac or PC

  1. A laptop with active internet connection
  2. A crossover cable (available online from $2.50)
  3. A PS4/Xbox One VPN Service app
  4. A PS4 or Xbox One console

In case of the app, there is nothing more to do simply connect your VPN app and once online head over to the control panel.  Desktop apps are available through most top tier premium PS4 VPN & XboxOne VPN providers, unless they don’t offer it.

totalvpn for ps4 and xbox one

Screenshot of the TotalVPN Desktop App

  • Click the properties tab on the bottom left and you will be taken to the Local Area Connection Properties window. You will now see a sharing tab on the top middle of the window, click it.
    • In the image on the far right you will see a box that will require your permission to share your internet connection, check the box. To complete the procedure, from the drop down box below the check box select your internet connection and then press OK on the bottom right.
  • Once in the control panel, click “network & sharing center” you will arrive at the following window:
    • vpn for ps4 xbox one
  • Here you will see your default ISP connection listed, mine is Marketing 2. Proceed and click the ‘Local Area Connection’ link opposite your connection icon. This will bring you to the Local Area Connection Status menu as follows:
    • vpn settings xbox one ps4
  • You can also manually create your VPN connection through ‘Network & Sharing Center’ and then share it.

Compatible Xbox One/PS4 VPN

Not all VPN providers offer servers compatible with gaming consoles, especially those for media hubs like the PS4 and Xbox One. Due to their high speed nature the consoles require stable and fast internet connections to perform perfectly.

Considering that not all brands will be ‘chart busters’there are two brands that are known for their high speed gaming servers. The first of these two is the world renowned IPVanish VPN, also complemented by modem/routerpioneers Sabai Technologies.

The second choice for the best VPN for PS4/Xbox One is HideMyAss VPN. It is not only famed for its privacy and security features but you guys also voted it the best PS4/Xbox One VPN service in our New Year’s customer survey. best vpn for ps4 xbox one

How To Watch Netflix On Ps4, Xbox one Using VPN

Due to growing anti-piracy policies and content restrictions, the best shows of Netflix are restricted to US viewers only. To catch the latest Netflix entertainment on its US library, you can connect your game-console with a PS4 or Xbox One VPN from anywhere in the world.

Here is an easy guide to configure Xbox One/PS4VPN through your PC or Laptop:

  • Install the Xbox One or PS4 VPN service on your laptop
  • After you’re done with the installation, activate your PS4/Xbox One VPN service.
  • Choose and connect to a server based in U.S
  • Once connected, go to the “Manage Wireless Networks” tab under Network and Sharing settings.
  • Once there, select create an Ad-HOC Network
  • Give your connection a name and set-up a password that you want to protect your wireless network with.
  • After all the above, it’s time to log-in to your PS4 or Xbox One
  • Go to the internet settings in your PS4 and Xbox- One
  • Search for wireless network and connect your console to the wireless network shared from the laptop
  • Input the password you set for your wireless connection, and you’re all good to go.

Which is the Best Xbox One, Ps4 VPN Router

The best gaming experience is dependent on one’s skills and zero lag during online game-play. If your connection suffers from constant lag and data packet loss, it’s probably time to make some hardware & software tweaks.  Just so you have the best online gaming experience, we have carefully hand-picked the best gaming Wi-Fi routers for you:

  • Western Digital My Net N900:- Featuring the FastTrack PLUS QoS(Quality Of Service) Engine, this Wi-Fi router eliminates all types of bandwidth leakage and allows all types of online multiplayer games to perform unbelievably smoother.
  • Buffalo Air Station AC1300/N900 Gigabit Dual Band WZR-D1800H:- The Buffalo Airstation proves its self to be a substantial gaming router thanks to its trouble-free port-forwarding tools.
  • EnGenius ESR9855G Multimedia Enhanced Wireless 300N Gaming Router:- With a price tag that’s wallet-friendly, this router is specially customized to undermine online-multiplayer lag and offer a smooth gaming experience that gamers usually crave for.
  • Cisco Linksys EA3500 App Enabled N750 Dual-Band Wireless Router with Gigabit and USB:- Linksys did an outstanding job tailoring this gaming router. This router is designed for gamers who are too lazy to tweak around with preferences. Simply hook this router up with your console and enjoy lag-free gaming thanks to its pre-configured lag-reduction mechanism.
  • Netgear N750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router (WNDR4000):- This Wi-Fi router is a bad news for lag and data packet loss. With the traditional Netgear router interface, this router puts gamers in-charge for all the tweaking and tuning to optimize their wireless connections for optimal online gaming performance.

What is better – SmartDNS or VPN for PS4/Xbox One?

A VPN, or a Virtual Private Network, is a gateway tool for your internet connection that channels your internet connection through a secure and high speed server. A Smart DNS, on the other hand, is a dedicated server that routes a specific part of your online traffic to unblock geo-restricted websites and media networks, without added network data encryption.

Both of these online gateway tools have their pros and cons if considered for gaming consoles. Here is a logical comparison between PS4/Xbox One VPN and SmartDNS:


  • Offers you complete anonymity and privacy to shop on PSN and Xbox Live
  • Safeguards your PSN or Xbox Live credentials with the help of Data Encryption.
  • With its large number of servers across the globe, you can access geo-restricted media networks and websites without hassle
  • Easily implementable and usually has numerous applications form multi-platform compatibility
  • Access online stores for different regions like PSN Japan and download awesome JRPG games.
  • Reduces your internet speed, meaning that there will be a 10%-40%speed loss during online gameplay
  • A bit expensive as compared to a SmartDNS


  • Due to non-existent data encryption, your internet speed will not be compromised, resulting in almost no packet loss
  • Enables you to access geo-restricted media networks and websites easily
  • An affordable solution, minor price difference from PS4& Xbox VPN services
  • Offers minimal protection against hackers and data snoopers
  • Setting up SmartDNS can take longer than PS4 VPN tools
  • Lack of decent SmartDNS providers that provide exclusive apps for multi-platform compatibility

Advantages of a PS4/Xbox One VPN

Similarly there are certain advantages of using a VPN with your console, given it is your source of online entertainment and gaming.

  • Unblock restricted services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Spotify and many more
  • Play in region-locked online betas (If you’re not in the US, for example)
  • Get quicker access to digital downloads by switching to early time-zone regions
  • Exclusive protection against Denial of Service or DDoS attacks (provided by certain providers)
  • Get your traffic routed through optimized hop points across international/intercontinental datacenters.

Setup SmartDNS On PS4 and Xbox One

With SmartDNS, you can access geo-restricted media networks and websites hassle free. A SmartDNS is a server-side technology that routes a certain fragment of your internet connection through its turbo speed proxy servers. Just follow the steps given below to set-up SmartDNS on both, Xbox One and PS4:

How To Set-UP SmartDNS On Your Xbox One

  • Start your Xbox One, and in the Dashboard, select “Options”
  • Click on Networks Settings, and then proceed to “Advance Settings”
  • Click on “DNS Settings”, then select “Manual”
  • Once there, swap the primary and secondary DNS settings with the one provided by your SmartDNS provider
  • Press the B button on your Xbox Controller and reboot your console

After following this steps, you’ll be able to watch Netflix of different regions and other geo-restricted media networks on your Xbox-One from anywhere in the world, in addition to restriction free gaming.

How To Set-UP SmartDNS On Your PS4

  • Start Up your PS4, and in the XMB menu, select Settings
  • Select the Network Option. The PS4 system here will as your preferred medium of network connection.
  • Click On “Set-Up Internet Connection”. After that, select Wi-Fi or LAN according to your current method of internet connectivity.
  • Click on the Custom Connection Option, so you can tweak the internet connection settings
  • Change your IP Address setting to Automatic, and click on “Do Not Specify” for your DHCP Host name.
  • After that, input the SmartDNS Settings provided by your SmartDNS provider
  • If your PS4 equires you to tweak your MTU settings, simply select “Automatic” and change the Proxy Server Setting to do not use.
  • After you’re done, do a final “Test Internet Connection” on your PS4 to apply your new changes.
  • Finally, restart your PS4, along with the Internet Modem or Wi-Fi router for your new changes to take place.

Exterminate PS4, Xbox One Lag Using VPN

Usually, high-ping in online gaming is the result of a poor connection from your ISP side. Even when your console is equipped with the highest broadband available, you will still face high-ping, latency and spikes that ruin your perfect online-gaming experience.

Maddening lag usually occurs due to congested ISP servers that are routing data packets of multiple internet connections at once. This causes your data-packets to clog in the midst of the crowded server, resulting in excruciating lag.

However employing a PS4/Xbox OneVPN service, you can reduce lag in your online game play significantly. A VPN simply routes your gaming data packets through a dedicated high speed server with minimum traffic and reduces lag by a noticeable difference.

You can pick one of our tested Xbox One VPN services from the provider table above, and reduce lag from your online game play right away!

Concluding Remarks

I would never claim it’s essential for you to use a VPN for PS4 and Xbox One consoles. Next time maybe Kim Dot Com might not be there to save console gaming fans from DDoS tragedies, last Christmas he was generous enough, read for yourself

But, just incase it is your sole source of entertainment to watch video, listen to music and search the web inclusive of online gaming an Xbox One/PS4 VPN will help circumvent geo-restrictions while keeping you protected.

Have a go, trial one of the many choices we have reviewed above and find out which service does the best job for your gaming console.Remember to leave your comments below and tell us what you thought about our blog.

Visit us again soon for more news, deals and amazing discounts at BestVPNService.

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