How To Ensure Online Data Protection?

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The Remarkable Growth of Internet

Desktop computers, laptops, tablet PCs, mobile phones, and gaming consoles all have the ability to access the internet through the comfort of a living room or wherever a person deems fit.

The growth in internet speeds and technologies like WiMax, DSL, WiFi, and Mobile Internet have now resulted in people accessing the internet from anywhere they like for any reason they need such as business, shopping, banking, paying bills, making purchases, chatting, socializing, entertainment, and much more.

Internet – The Perils of Online Surfing

The growth in the internet has also brought with it perils, especially for unsuspecting internet users. Hackers and data thieves use innovative means of stealing information such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, online portal login information, passwords and email accounts.

These hackers then use this information for their own nefarious purposes. Similarly, different internet websites and services are only available to certain countries or are blocked in certain countries due to differences and misunderstanding.

Therefore, internet users of today find themselves in a virtual prison unable to access all internet services while carrying the risk of data theft and manipulation.

Hackers on the ProwlOnline Data Protection

The recent episode of hackers belonging to a group called ‘anonymous’ comes to mind. These hackers managed to get inside the database of the Federal Reserve, as it is widely assumed, and managed to steal critical data of American Bank executives.

This data included names, designations, email ids, home addresses, cell phone numbers, and other physical/virtual identification information.

These hackers did not stop here, however. The published all this information on the website of Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center.

Events like these make a conventional/common internet user think about his privacy and how can he protect himself from hackers and data thieves.

The logical question that arises is what does a common internet user needs today? The answer is a VPN.

What is a VPN?

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a technology that allows internet users to browse the web with complete safety, security, and freedom. It has servers in different geographical locations around the world and uses secure protocols and encryption methods like SSTP, 2048-bit SSL encryption, etc. to make a user’s data entirely unreadable for a hacker and data thief while providing safe, secure, and anonymous browsing experience to its users.

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The internet has become a part of people’s lives, and it is used for business as well as leisure. Due to rising threats of hackers and data thieves, using a VPN connection has become the best line of defence for ordinary internet users.


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