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Get the best iPad 2 VPN and Make 2014 Even More Secure

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  • January, 13, 2014
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Imagine how’d you feel if your iPad 2 relentlessly faces the curse of cybercrime? iPad 2 is commonly used by people on Wi-Fi or public network – the most unsecure channels where your online identity and security are always at risk. The only way to stop this curse is by using an iPad 2 VPN. Here the hottest 2014 iPad VPN options to secure your iPad2 against hacking, cybercrime and all kinds of identity theft.

Rank provider as low as Provider Rating More Info
1 purevpn-table $4.16per month 4.3/5 Visit Site Read Review
2 strongvpn_pi1n $4.58per month 4.7/5 Visit Site Read Review
3 ipv $4.87per month 5.0/5 Visit Site Read Review
4 ironsocket_logo $4.16per month 4.2/5 Visit Site Read Review
5 expressvpn_small $8.32per month 4/5 Visit Site Read Review

Steps to Connect iPad 2 VPN

Connecting VPN on iPad 2 is a pretty simple job; you don’t need to be tech savvy to set up an iPad 2 VPN. It just requires you to follow some simple steps. Follow these simple steps below and you can have your VPN for iPad 2 configured in no time! Step 1: Go to your settings page on iPad 2 and select General then go to Network. Step 2: Select Network Configuration from Network and click on VPN. Step 3: Now select”Add VPN Configuration”. Step 4: Now select PPTP as it is the usual protocol used with devices like iPad 2. Step 5: Add your VPN settings assigned by your VPN provider . Step 6: In this case , you must choose a name for the VPN connection in the Description field . One can choose any name. Step 7: In the Server Name field, provide the name given by your VPN provider. Step 8: Fill other relevant information, such as your account name and password, which are also provided by your VPN provider. Step 9: In this step, you turn RSA Secure ID to “Off” after all relevant details in the above three areas. Step 10: Now set the encryption level to Auto and select” Send all traffic” to “ON”. Step 11: Save the settings after filling in all the details of the configuration. Go to the start menu of your iPad 2. Step 12: Now, go to the settings page and turn the VPN slider to on to get your VPN for iPad 2 working. After following the aforementioned steps you will also see the VPN icon appear in the status bar. Congratulations! Now all your internet activities are protected!

Key Benefits of iPad 2 VPN

iPad 2 VPN is the best armor against cybercrime. Your VPN will protect you online from hackers, identity thieves and cyber crooks. In addition, VPN is a magic wand to access all blocked content from every corner of the internet world. In other words, with an VPN a user can remain secure all the time while carrying out different activities online.There are various VPN for iPad 2 in the marketplace. It’s always difficult for the user to identify the best option available. To help our valued readers in making their decision, we’ve already listed the top ten VPN for iPad 2. Moreover, we will also elaborate the dynamic characteristics of top three best VPN for iPad 2.

Let’s Get it Started

Our opinion is entirely based on the key offerings of each VPN provider with respect to iPad 2. So, let’s read for more details below and find out the top 3 VPN for iPad 2.


The best VPN service tested to work seamlessly with iPad 2 is IPVanish. It has a custom iOS VPN software so that you can easily configure and use it without fail.

IPVanish is spread across 47 countries. It has more than 130+ giga-byte servers with support for all major protocols like OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP. Further, you can also set up IPVanish on other iOS devices like iPhone and Mac.



StrongVPN has been in the network and internet industry since 1994, their experience in US and European markets dates nearly 2 decades. Established bases in over 20 countries are supported by 500+ servers and a massive 30,000+ IP addresses.

Strong VPN offers a free to install application on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. They have one of the widest ranging compatibility available on DDWRT-routers, Apple devices, android OS devices, HP web-OS, tomato USB, Symbian and numerous other devices and interfaces.

Offered with 256bit key data encryption and 2048bit certificate authentication, StrongVPN provides PPTP, SSTP, OpenVPN and L2TP security protocols over all devices. Logs are collected but no information is provided to third parties.

StrongVPN currently offer their 1 year subscription for a golden price making it very affordable for all segments of the VPN market. The service offers 24/7 tech support, a wide server network and a 7 day money back guarantee.


Wrap UP

With iPad 2 VPN, browsing, downloading, emailing, social networking and even watching different TV channels online is safer than ever. It’s our prior responsibility to enlighten our readers with the best option when it comes to VPN selections. That is why we have pulled together a list of top ten iPad 2 VPN providers as well as rated them on the basis of their services. HMA and PureVPN are both good choices to pick out as iPad 2 VPN. So, don’t waste time and get it straight away. %0

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15 Responses to Get the best iPad 2 VPN and Make 2014 Even More Secure

  1. iPad VPN says:

    There are plenty of VPN services that can be used with an iPad. The requirement is to aloow PPTP or L2TP connections.

  2. Ervin Petruska says:

    hi-ya, I like all your posts, keep them coming.

  3. staub says:

    moi j’ai un iPad2 64 wifi que je veux connecter à mon ordinateur car au boulot je n’ai pas de wifi, ou bien à mon iPhone4 si cela est possible

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  6. Awesome says:

    Good information

  7. wilson says:

    To use VPN on an iPad, you need to have a VPN set up on your iPad. you need to download vpn software somewhere first to do that…

  8. Geoff Keeys says:

    I can set up a VPN connection to the server ok but how do I get to view on my ipad the files on that server

    • Hello Geoff,

      Thank you for contacting us and considering us worth taking help.

      However, Geoff, I do not get your question clearly. Can you please explain, have you created your own VPN Connection through a server of your own or a server your company owns.

      If you have created you own VPN Server and want to access your files on the server you have setup VPN on. you will have to have dedicated IP to enable port forwarding, if its a shared IP it won’t work because port forwarding is blocked on shared IP.

      If you have dedicated IP, then please allow that dedicated IP to flow through that port e.g. port 21. which will allow you to access files on that server.

      However, if you are using VPN services froma company owned VPN Server. Then please contact your system administrator or IT dept. to help you out with this. All companies have different standards of file access and security. They will be better able to guide you.


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