How to Connect to a VPN on Android 3 Honeycomb

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Setting up commercial VPN on Android or older versions is a piece of cake nothing to worry about.  You just have to tap here and there on your New Android Phone and you are connected. Before providing you with the step by step process, I would again mention the ‘disclaimer’ that this blog-post is not for the experts or techies, but this is for those who are new to VPN or android and want to setup their VPN accounts for the first time on their Android Phones.

PPTP VPN Android 3 Honeycomb

Let’s cut the crap and start with the tutorial, I will first tell you how to setup a simple PPTP VPN Android connection.VPN Android

  1. Go to your Phone settings.
  2. Tap on Wireless Controls and then VPN Settings.
  3. Click ‘Add VPN’ and you are Half way through J
  4. Tap on “Add PPTP VPN”. Do not worry about others, we will let you know about the other protocols as well.
  5. Add your “VPN Name”. It can be your name, you can even name it “I Do not need VPN”
  6. Now the so-called difficult part arrives, entering the Server Name. Server Name can only be entered, if you have a VPN account, or you have setup your own VPN. If you do not have both, please do not try this, you will not get anything 😛
  7. Server name is being provided by the VPN Provider, it will be like “”.
  8. You can enable the encryption here. (If VPN still does not work, try again after disabling it)
  9. Do not worry about DNS Search Domains until or unless you are planning to use Internal DNS Server, if yes enter them here.
  10. Save the Settings and You are all set with your New VPN Connection on your Android Honeycomb.

Now, comes the connecting part. Go to your VPN Settings and there you will get your added VPN connection. Tap to connect it and enter your Username and Password, which you will get after paying your VPN Provider. You will see a small Key like icon on the Top, which means you are now safe, secure and anonymous in the digital world. You can disconnect your VPN by going to the same area with VPN settings and tapping on your connected VPN Connection.

How to Connect to L2TP VPN Android

Adding L2TP is again very easy, nothing science in it. Here are the simple steps,

  • Tap on the Add VPN Bar
  • Tap to add L2TP VPN
  • Enter the VPN name. Name it to whatever you like; it does not really make any difference.
  • Add VPN Server. It will be provided to you by your VPN provider. Do not try out your office servers here or the Server you entered in your PPTP Connection. The right server name will be provided to you by your VPN provider. If they do not provide it, ask for it. They will if they support L2TP protocol.
  • Now the change comes in. Unlike the PPTP connection, you can choose to enter the L2TP Secret here, if only provided and recommended by the VPN Provider.
  • Rest is the same, leave out DNS Search domains untouched, save the settings and click on your L2TP VPN connection to connect or disconnect later.

How to Connect to L2TP/IPSec PSK VPN Android

No problem. Again no miracle required. Every think is same as the simple L2TP VPN. The only difference is addition of PSK – Pre Shared Key. Pre Shared Key is provided to you by your VPN provider once you sign up for L2TP/IPSec VPN. Enter your PSK and save the settings. You are ready with your L2TP/IPSec PSK VPN. Leave the L2TP/IPSec CRT VPN; these are certificate based VPN services. There are not many VPN service providers that provide this, so do not get yourself in to it as it is much easier to go with either of the above defined three VPN protocols.

Top Android 3 Honeycomb VPN Services

Now comes the point of finding the Best VPN Service that provides you with complete online security and anonymity. has the list of more than 88 VPN Providers in the industry and continuously review and rank VPN providers based on their Performance and various other factors.

Faisal is a professional blogger at BestVPNService. A close observer of the digital world, Faisal critically monitors and reviews service providers of IT industry, particularly VPNs.

17 thoughts on “How to Connect to a VPN on Android 3 Honeycomb

  1. i have android 3.2 i set it up but there is no ave option so i dont no how to save and when i put everythingg in and hit vpn settings i have to refill info again. what do i do to save info?

  2. Can you help with server on linux that will work with android vpn clients? As I read Openswan and StrongSwan not work with android on L2TP/IPSec.

    Thank you!

  3. I found your article helpful with the setup. My issue now is that once I am connected I cannot connect to the resources on the VPN connection.

    • Hello JT,

      Thank you very much for posting your question.

      JT, It will be much appreciated if you will furnish us with some more details that will allow us to guide you better with this issue. Which includes;

      1- Which VPN Service Provider are you currently using?
      2- Which Protocol have you used?
      3- What are the resources which you are willing to use?

      It might be possible that there is some issues with the Protocols. So, you can change the protocol and then try connecting it again.

      Hope this will help you. And in case you need further assistance. Please feel free to contact us. We are here to guide you with the best what we can do.

      BVS Support Team

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