Things to consider while choosing Best VPN Provider

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We have discussed so frequently about internet censorship and netizen who are being pushed towards the darker side of the technology.

However, this has been among the worst side in the internet world that user’s privacy are being threatened by sniffers and at some extent the regimes has restricted their netizen to use the web with absolute freedom from their premises.

Before moving towards our core topic which is to guide our visitors about the point of consideration before investing their valuable sum of money in a VPN vendor. I must give a short overview about the luminous characteristics of VPN and other features which make it one of the best security tools in the global world.

Functions of  VPN:

It functions by establishing a secure vpn connection between your system and a remote server situated in another country through an encrypted tunnel.

The most prominent and fundamental points which deliberately forced users to go with one company are;

  • All data flowing through the tunnel is safe encrypted as it is by protocols like PPTP VPN, L2TP VPN, OpenVPN, SSTP VPN and SSH VPN depending upon your level of security requirements.
  • You are assigned a new IP address generated from a remote server and your real IP address is masked by your VPN provider. Now, on surfing online, you will remain anonymous as would be surfing with the IP address of a remote server.

This is fabulous feature of a VPN service as it can enable users in Internet-censoring countries to unblock sites of their choice.

Even expats would find such a facility superb as using it they can access Geo-restricted streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, etc.

Things to consider before subscribing a VPN service

After you have made the decision to get for yourself the security of VPN, there are certain things that you must consider as any reliable VPN buying guide would tell you.

  • First of all, you must know exactly what you want out of a VPN subscription.
  • It is important that you choose your VPN provider after much consideration. After all, you are investing your money and it is recommended that you ensure that the provider chosen by you would   be able to offer you full value of your investment by providing excellent VPN services.
  •  Moreover, as your security and privacy depends on the quality of service of your provider. Our experts at Pure VPN recommend following factors to consider.

1- Cost:

It is the most important factor while choosing a VPN service. After determining your online security needs, you must consider VPN packages of reputed vendors meeting your needs yet falling within your budget.There are many providers offering affordable packages ranging from $5 to $ 18.

2- Privacy:

This is the most important factor to consider while looking for a VPN provider. You must ensure that he should have got adequate technical infrastructure. You must inquire whether your provider keeps log of your browsing activities. Never take the services of the vendor who does this as it defeats the very purpose of subscribing a VPN account.

3- Online Protection:

If you are looking for creditable VPN , it means that you are feeing unsure about the safety of your data while surfing online. In this regard, you must ensure what protocols are offered by the provider. If your requirements need stringent security, you should see whether the provider offers VPN solutions supported by protocols like L2TP, Ipsec, SSL, etc. In case, you are opting for VPN to access streaming sites like Netflix VPN , etc, PPTP would suffice.

4- Severs located in other countries:

A large number of people in Internet-censoring countries like China, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Syria , etc, subscribe VPN services to bypass the restrictions imposed by local firewalls. It is possible only if the provider has got servers based in other countries. Using this feature of VPN, expats would also be able to access Geo-restricted sites of their choice like Netflix, etc.

Recommended VPN Service Providers:

We all are well aware that there is a wide range of selection if one is pondering to go with a vpn vendor but not all are reliable and fit with respect to user needs. So, we have gathered some of the most reliable and cost effective by considering the factors. The list for the Top 5 Best Recommended VPN Providers is;

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Faisal is a professional blogger at BestVPNService. A close observer of the digital world, Faisal critically monitors and reviews service providers of IT industry, particularly VPNs.

One thought on “Things to consider while choosing Best VPN Provider

  1. One thing to consider when selecting a VPN provider is their privacy policy. Will they sell your personal information? Will they provide your information to third parties either without notification or approval? If a provider doesn’t protect your information then isn’t that defeating the purpose of using a VPN service? For example, Hide My Ass states in their privacy policy that they will share your personal information with any company that is affiliated with. Also, they do not make any statement whether or not your information may be sold. Both of which caused me great concern when you think in global terms. On the opposite side, StrongVPN clearly states they will not sell your information and only provides your information to companies only related to providing service to your account. Also, they are only allowed to use your information for said purpose, none other and they will ask permission prior to sharing with any other third party. I am just a regular individual trying to find an additional layer of security in this world of hackers and trackers. Just wanted to share things I learned in the journey of researching and selecting a vpn provider.

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