Google Play VPN – How To Access Google Play Outside USA

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There is perhaps no end to the world of entertainment, the more you get involved in it, the more it becomes harder to get out of it and with Google Play, Google leaves no stone in spoiling you even further.

Introduced afresh in the market, it is a desirable platform for the enthusiasts to download their craved music, books, apps, games etc.

Unfortunately, the catch is that you cannot access its facilities to full potential outside US.

In this note, we discuss this very problem followed by the apt solution. But before that let us discuss in brief, what is Google Play all about.

What is Google Play?

Complementing the common phrase, ‘Old wine new bottle’, Google Play is nothing but a makeover of Google’s very own Android Market that found its realm recently, on March6, 2012.

Boasting of one of its kind digital content service, Google Play projects itself as a one-stop destination for all the entertainment needs of the fun loving Android users.

Revamping itself from the previous Android market, it allows the enthusiastic users to download music, movies, books, games and a heck of other Android apps.

This move from google is being seen as a concrete step to compete with the raging popularity of Apple iTunes thanks to the iOS App store. However, we are not here  to compare the report cards of both these service providers.

So let us get back to the track and know how can and who cannot access Google Play.

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Access restrictions for Google Play

Like the other popular websites such as Hulu, Pandora and more, Google Play is also bitten by the bug of restrictions. Not all the users who access its facilities are able to use it to the maximum; much depends on their current geographical location, take this.


Available Google Play Facilities

United StatesMusic, Movies, Books and Android Apps (Complete services)
CanadaMovies, Books and Android apps
United KingdomMovies, Books and Android apps
AustraliaBooks and Apps
JapanMovies and Apps

For all the other parts of the world, as obvious, it is hard to avail any of the Google Play facilities which is a big blow to the Google users. Consequently, they are left only few options:

  • Sit back and forget about using all such online facilities
  • Switch over to Apple Apps store which could be a better option in this situation; or
  • Use VPN services to make way for uninterrupted access to all these amenities

Using Google Play VPN

While we leave the rest of two options at your will, here we can help you with choosing the best Google Play VPN service provider that could help you avail such facilities without hassles.

In fact, the market is all flooded with numerous Google Play VPN providers that promise to deliver all the goods, fair enough to keep you glued to their offerings.

These virtual private networks keep you offshore by allowing you to access internet with a different IP address and alongside, secure all your browsing data by establishing a tunnel between your computer and other server computers. If you want to use Google Play outside US VPN is therefore a highly suitable option, on which you can bank upon.

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google play vpn

Best Google Play VPN

VPN vendors such as HideMyAss, IAPS, PureVPN, StrongVPN are among the most sought after ones to help you in your cause.

With their assistance, you can comfortably access the exclusive Google Play US version, which is the complete one, with apt vpn protocol support.

The best part is that all these accompany affordable service packages that make it easier to use internet in anonymity. The list below gives a detailed description of the various VPN service providers that are helpful for your purpose

RankingProviderDiscountMore Info
$9.99 per month
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$4.16 per month
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