Google Fiber Next Destination Set to be Austin, Texas!

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Yes, there is a very high probability that Austin can very well become the next recipient of the awesome Google Fiber service. If this happens, Austin will become the first city in Texas to feature an amazingly fast internet.

Google Fiber is the result of the latest and most cutting-edge research into a super-fast fiber-optic internet network. Google Fiber offers speeds that are 100 times quicker than conventional internet in the US.

Google Fiber already operates in a few cities which were shortlisted after a country-wide selection process involving applications from nearly 1100 cities. The cities where Google Fiber is already operating are:

google fiber austin

Apart from offering Gigabit connectivity to common internet users, Google Fiber also offers reasonable payment plans as shown below:

Google Fiber Network

The possibilities of having access to 1Gbit of internet are endless. Technological companies and startups can utilize this high quality network to their advantage. Employment generations and economic activities will definitely experience a boom with the introduction of Google Fiber in Austin.

Many representatives from the City of Austin have hinted that Google Fiber is sure to be introduced in Austin next. The official announcement by Google is expected tomorrow. Fingers crossed!


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