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Despite the fact that Australia is a modern and free country, internet censorship is slowly taking a hold in the country. Therefore, Australian internet users are left with no choice but to use a free Australia VPN. A Free VPN will help you in bypassing all kinds of restrictions while guaranteeing complete security, privacy, and anonymity of all of your internet activities.

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Why an Australian (free) VPN?

Australian internet is regulated by a body called ‘Australian Communications and Media Authority’ or ACMA. This body maintains a list of websites that they do not want Australian internet users to access. This ‘black list’ of websites is then forwarded to internet providers for blockage. The recent case of various Australian governmental authorities using an old law to block various websites comes to mind when discussing Australian internet censorship. This is where a free Australia VPN comes into use.

Apart from Australia, there are other countries that block access to many quality websites from users belonging to other countries. Quality entertainment websites like Netflix, Hulu, and Pandora are a few of many quality entertainment websites from the US that are restricted for US internet users only. Similarly, BBC iPlayer is another example of a quality entertainment web service limited to UK internet users only.

Now, Australian internet users can enjoy the aforementioned quality entertainment web content from around the world by using a free VPN.

Benefits of a Free Australia VPN

A free Australia VPN provides a wide range of benefits to Australian internet users. Let’s discuss these benefits in detail.

Safety & Security – A free VPN uses different kinds of data tunneling protocols to establish a virtual data tunnel between its user and its server placed outside of Australia. This data tunnel is a secure method of transmitting data over the internet, as compared to visible data transfer without a free VPN. Needless to say, using the internet without a free VPN is an open invitation to hackers and data snoopers to eavesdrop on our data and steal our personal information.

Data Encryption – A free VPN goes one step ahead of just using a data tunnel for security. It also uses data encryption techniques to encode the user’s data into something unreadable and undecipherable. The combination of a data tunnel and data encryption is is an inherent feature of a free VPN, and results in a complete security solution for all internet users.

Freedom to Connect – Another brilliant feature of using a free VPN is the freedom that accompanies it. Wi-Fi hotspots at coffee shops, airports, dorms, etc. are notorious for data snoopers eavesdropping on ordinary internet users’ activities. Mozilla Firefox applications like Facesniff and Firesheep are just a few examples of simple hacking tools available to all for stealing information at WiFi hotspots. However, a free VPN protects the data of its users and allows them to freely connect to any WiFi spot with the assurance of 100% protection from data snoopers!

Anonymity – A free VPN has its servers based in different countries around the world. When an Australian internet user connects to these servers, a new IP is allotted to this user. This new IP address represents a new virtual identity for the user. As a result, free VPN users can surf the internet without revealing their real IP address and where they are from.

Complete Worldwide Access – The benefits of a switch in IP address goes beyond provision of anonymity. A switch in IP address allows a free VPN user to assume an identity from any country he or she desires. Therefore, if a free VPN user wants to access US-only web content like Hulu, Netflix, and Pandora, he or she only needs to select a server located in the US. Similarly, a switch to a UK IP will allow a free VPN user to access BBC iPlayer easily.

Australian internet users travelling out of Australia can also utilize a free VPN to stay in touch with all their favorite Australian internet content. As aforementioned, all users need to do is to switch their IP address from a server located in Australia and surf the internet as if they are physically in Australia. A free VPN lets you just that free!


First of all, it is free! Second of all, it protects your privacy, makes you anonymous, gives you full access to the internet, and secures your data online like credit cards, bank information, etc. The fact that the internet is increasingly being censored in Australia; it is about time you should start using a free VPN to enjoy true internet freedom. Therefore, if you are not using a free VPN already, you should start right now! True internet experience awaits you with a free VPN!

Here is a weighted average graph for top contenders in free Australia VPN:

Here is a weighted average graph for top contenders in free Australia VPN:

Free Australia VPN

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  1. Are there any free VPN’s for Australian’s outside Australia wanting to view Australian content that’s blocked outside Australia?

    Can a free VPN really provide adequate speed to view streaming video?

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