FIFA Facts – 15 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About The FIFA World Cup

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Update: We regret to inform our readers that despite our thorough fact-checking, a few errors slipped through in the content of the infographic for which we would like to apologise. The corrections are as follows: 

We regret the discrepancies and errors. – Editor

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Let’s be honest. Many football fans know much about their favorites than the sport itself. Even those who follow football all round the year know little about football fifa facts, history, great scores, and epic moments in the past World Cups.

We’ve put together a neat fifa facts infographic that highlights some of these amazing moments that have forever been cemented in memory and celebrated in the football hall of fame. Without further ado, here’s 15 Things You Didn’t Know About the FIFA World Cup:

15 Amazing Things You Didn


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  1. What do you mean by biggest scoreline? If most goals scored by one of the teams in a single match, than it’s correct, but if most goals scored altogether in a match, than the quarterfinal between Austria and Switzerland in 1954 (final score: 7-5) holds the record.

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