Biggest Bittorrent Lawsuit For Downloading Expendables

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Now we have another case of illegally downloading a movie through bit-torrent and this case is not just another case like we have seen in past, in fact this is the biggest and the largest bittorrent lawsuit related to file-sharing in the history. bittorrent lawsuit Before, this case came into the limelight, we also reported on a similar case, where internet users downloaded a rated movie “Nude Nuns with Big Guns” using bit-torrent and a case against thousands of alleged downloaders was filed by the production house. United States Copyright Group (USCG) on behalf of Nu Image, the studio behind the release of Expendables has filed a bittorrent lawsuit against 23,322 alleged downloaders of Expendables. The list was under 5000-6000, initially, but after extensive tracking of file-sharing and P2P Sharing, the list went on increase to about 23,322 Netizens, who will be soon sent the message that they have been sued. ISPs will also handover the information of the IP addresses to USCG, that are involved in the alleged illegal downloading of Expendables after they receive the subpoena(court order).

Criticism from the Internet Community

More than 140,000 Internet Users are the victim of this recent uprise in bittorrent lawsuit in USA and most of them are sued for downloading porn movies. Internet community has criticized these bittorrent lawsuit for the reason that B-grade Production houses has found this as method to make money. They just make a movie with good title with no quality work and post it on torrent networks. These movies are when downloaded in numbers, they choose to file a case which makes them easy money. Obviously, as no one would want to see their name in the list of people who downloaded “Nude Nuns with Big Guns” or for that matter any other movie.

Lawsuit Money

The Expendables is expected to earn more than $35 Million from this lawsuit. Whereas, the movie itself grossed for around $100 Million on Box Office.

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5 thoughts on “Biggest Bittorrent Lawsuit For Downloading Expendables

  1. The law company claims if someone is sued for “nude nuns with big guns” the title might influence them to pay instead of going to court. Well, same idea was used in a movie I can’t recall. So this company should be sued for plagiarism!!!
    In the movie, one guy proposed another to start a company selling various products,get the checks but wouldn’t ship. When customers complain, they send back a letter with product expired, sorry, and a check with the name of the company being a porn title so that some people wouldn’t go to the bank and cash the check back. Same idea.

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