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Local Pakistani Technology News Portal reports that, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTCL) has been awarded a contract of providing PTCL VPN Services to local remote hospitals and health care centers to provide proper treatment to people living in a rural areas and to provide training to doctors and health care staff working in those remote areas.

After a long controversial week of blaming VPN services for several activities like helping hackers, anonymizing netizens, helping activists and what not, this comes as a breather, as PTCL VPN Services were used for actual good and betterment of the society.PTCL VPN

Pakistan Government after a series of notices of banning the VPN services and several other websites in Pakistan have taken a major action towards the development of healthcare in Pakistan by bringing technology and specifically PTCL VPN Services to use.

Pakistan has started a Telemedicine Project, through which specialty and developed hospitals in urban centers of the country will not only provide treatment to the patients in rural areas via secured link through corporate PTCL VPN but will also provide training to doctors and healthcare staff in rural areas by enabling them to have remote access to all the educational and developmental resources in the hospitals of urban areas.

According to Senior Vice President of PTCL, initially, PTCL will be connecting 15 cities with 1mb and 2mb DSL VPNs. This will facilitate different Telemedicine services like tele-diagnostics, tele-consultation and treatment of various diseases related to ENT, skin, cardio, chest and psychiatry.

Not only treatment can be provided remotely through secure VPN connection, but it will also enable doctors in urban centers to securely and remotely access patient’s data, history of diseases and several other information stored in rural hospitals and health care centers. The project have shown hopes of implementing tele-surgery, tele-critical care and tele-mentoring to help doctors in becoming better health care professionals.

Mr. Qureshi (SEVP, PTCL) is of the view that this network will help securely, privately and remotely connect to each other. It will not only help in providing remote access to information and patients everywhere but will also help in creating any-to-any network that will connect hospitals and helath care centers countrywide for better patient care and healthcare services.


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