VPN Errors 800, 806, 619 Easy Solutions

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VPN is the best ad most reliable thing to happen to the lives of millions of netizens. Craving need to browse through their way to an unrestricted world of internet further fuels the demand of this widely accepted technological innovation.

However, even the best of mechanisms often fail and so is the case with VPN. There are likely to occur certain errors during its use due to varied reasons that may include among others:

  • Configuration issue at the end of client computer
  • Problem in VPN software
  • Flaw in hardware used to access the internet

error 619

VPN Errors

All these hassles give way to certain VPN errors that can be fixed easily by the users themselves provided that they possess a respectable knowledge of the involved technical jargon.

Below are mentioned  three of the most common errors arising out of such situation, let us know them and find their solutions one after another.

VPN Error 800:

While trying to connect to VPN, one common error which is likely to get surfaced is VPN  Error 800 , “Unable to establish the VPN connection.” To get even with this error, following points are noteworthy:

VPN Error 800

  1. Check out if the server name is properly mentioned (the one given by server administrator)
  2. Confirm if the internet connection is intact by pinging the server
  3. Have a look on the network firewall in case they are acting as the stumbling block for the VPN connection. Open Port 1723 and enable Protocol 47, which is also known as GRE.
  4. Make sure the maximum client to connect to the VPN server limit does not exceed. Though it is a rare occurrence

VPN Error 806:

This mostly happens when despite of establishment of a connection between the computer and VPN server, the VPN connection fails to complete.

The reason behind such an error may be the malfunctioning of a hardware/internet device between the VPN server and the computer.

Most probably, it does not let the GRE protocol packets to verify that 47 GRE has been allowed to bypass all the firewall devices or routers existing in the computer. For resolution, the below mentioned points are worthwhile:

VPN Error 806

  1. Same as in the case of Error 800, make sure to open Port 1723 and IP VPN Protocol 47 (GRE)
  2. Check out if poor internet connectivity is hindering the VPN performance
  3. Keep on updating the router or firewall contained in the firmware
  4. Re-configure the settings for VPN host network since it is likely that the VPN server is unable to get IP for the client computer from DHCP
  5. Check the NAT settings in case the VPN is being used on Windows RRAS with the option of NAT enabled.

VPN Error 619:

Error 619 is pretty common with MS windows based VPNs and flashes the message, “A connection to the remote computer could not be established.”or”The port was disconnected.”, depending on the VPN versions.

Error 619 can be caused during the creation of a new VPN connection as in error 800 or if it gets disconnected suddenly. The resolutions may be as follows:

VPN Error 619

  1. If multiple VPN clients are installed then it would be advisable to run on of them at a time
  2. In each of those VPN clients check if the applications and windows services are running smoothly
  3. Disable any of the anti-virus tools or firewalls currently active in the computer on temporary basis for troubleshooting
  4. Other effective steps may include rebooting the client computer, uninstall and then re-install the VPN client and make configuration settings accordingly


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