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This EarthVPN review will enlighten all key aspects associated with the services offered. EarthVPN offers enticing features and packages in exchange of affordable prices.

With its user-friendly website, EarthVPN makes navigation just a piece of cake for even a newbie. Widespread servers and luring features earn EarthVPN substantial competitive advantage.EarthVPN Review

EarthVPN gives you space – no logs, no monitoring. The SSTP protocol works just perfect (see: test results) which indeed is too good to be true.

A 2 minutes signup process and prompt connectivity work just like a magic spell – so Abracadabra and you disappear. There is no trial offer; however, 7 day money back guarantee seems a feasible option. 

Easy to Use Website

Elegant design and ease of navigation were two core characteristics explored while reviewing EarthVPN’s website which represented an amalgamation of professionalism and style.

The finest move of EarthVPN is to provide information about almost everything with respect to their service on the home page.

Hence, after reviewing EarthVPN’s website, it is graded on a perfect 10/10 with respect to its user friendliness due to the ease of navigation; furthermore, site map is available to assist new users. Server locations presented via Google Maps is an enticing feature of the website.

In addition, enlightening FAQ section is there to resolve clients’ concerns regarding VPN service.

You can access announcements, knowledgebase and be acquainted with network status representing different regions through client area – no signup required. 

Servers – Here There and Everywhere

All reviews consider global reach as one of the prime features offered by a VPN service provider for critique – this EarthVPN review is no different.

EarthVPN servers are geographically dispersed in 6 continents ensuring optimized speed and unlimited content access. This feature facilitates valued clients to benefit from high speed and secure internet connection.

Furthermore, this feature offers a variety of connectivity options around the globe (6 continents, 32 countries, 87 locations and 176 servers – the WOW factor).

EarthVPN can be reviewed as a perfect remedy for the concerns of blocked content or server restrictions in any locality especially Asian countries victimized by internet censorship.

EarthVPN Review

Low Cost Package Plans

EarthVPN offers competitive packages at affordable prices in exchange of high quality service. Clients are liberated to choose from $3.99 monthly or $39.99 annually package as per expediency.

This can be reviewed as EarthVPN’s competitive strategy with reference to a 7 day full money back guarantee.

The low-priced package plans usually deprive clients from enticing features but EarthVPN with its most basic package offers best features such as PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN Protocols and the list goes on.

EarthVPN Review

Luscious and Tempting Features

EarthVPN offers best possible features with its competitively priced packaged plans. Following features of EarthVPN are reviewed as the most persuading:

  1. Unlimited bandwidth
  2. Ensures confidentiality
  3. No more content restrictions
  4. Access to Pandora, Netflix, BBC, Hulu, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Skype etc…
  5. 7 days money back guarantee – No questions asked
  6. 99.99% Service uptime

Easy on your Wallet – Payment

EarthVPN offers wide range of payment options where you can pay via Credit Card, PayPal, Unionpay, Alipay, Webmoney and Bitcoins to keep your identity discreet.

Every transaction with EarthVPN is verified through a one-time functional unique key to ensure client’s confidentiality. This great feature is infrequently offered by most VPN.

You will Get your Space – Privacy

Privacy is another key aspect to be reviewed, EarthVPN promises extreme confidentiality as every time you connect to a server via EarthVPN, a new IP is allotted which ensures your confidentiality.

In addition, your traffic will not be monitored at all – No strings attached. The only information that EarthVPN seeks is client’s original IP like every other service provider.

Your Invisibility Cloak – Security

Security can be reviewed as EarthVPN’s value added benefits offered via the use of sophisticated encryption levels. L2TP/IPsec protocol is secured via 256bit 3DES/AES encryption.

Nonetheless, OpenVPN protocol prefers the use of AES with 128bit key supported by 2048 RSA authentication and SHA1 hash algorithm; furthermore, OpenVPN is upgradable to 256bit AES encryption.

However, PPTP with CHAPv2 authentication of EarthVPN isn’t reviewed as as a feasible option to prefer.

The Process

2 Minute Signup for even a Rookie

The signup process is quite easy as it necessitate detailed information – only username, email id and password is required; furthermore, user can select from wide range of payment options available.

After successful signup process, you can set the service as per your preferences from website’s setup area.

For more guidance with respect to signup process of EarthVPN, review snap given below.

EarthVPN Review

VPN Software – Windows

Windows software offered to clients is so simple that even a rookie can operate it without any hassle.

You just need to enter your username, password, preferred protocol, port, country and desired server you choose to connect.

These are all the basic security features provided; however, sophisticated features like internet kill switch, DNS leak protection and server statistics etc are not available.

You will by default be connected to TCP port; however, UDP while using EarthVPN is reviewed as a preferable option

EarthVPN Review

There were some complications acknowledged when we first tried to connect as software kept rejecting the access.

However, the issue was resolved later by contacting with customer support personnel and then it worked just fantastic.


EarthVPN can be reviewed as one of leading VPN service providers offering software for renowned Windows versions (XP, Vista, 7 and 8); furthermore, the software for Linux and OSX is soon to be offered.

Nevertheless, EarthVPN has provided detailed setup tutorials (PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, SSTP and SSH/Socks Proxy) for Windows except for XP whose SSTP tutorial is unavailable.

For clients preferring OSX, the setup tutorials comprise PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN and SSH/Socks Proxy setup instructions.

The options are concise for Linux users (PPTP, OpenVPN and SSH/Socks Proxy); however, DD-WRT routers represent minimal diversity (PPTP and OpenVPN).

EarthVPN offers PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN tutorials to tech-savvy Smartphone users preferring iOS and Android.

EarthVPN Review

Tried and Tested

For performance and reliability review, EarthVPN was tested using Mb/s UK broadband connection.

EarthVPN Review

You can see the download and upload speed along with the ping before connecting to EarthVPN.

EarthVPN Review

These results were obtained by connecting to OpenVPN TCP.

EarthVPN Review

After connecting through OpenVPN UDP the results obtained are prescribed above.

EarthVPN Review

You might be suspecting the bizarre results provided by this review, EarthVPN’s SSTP protocol however works quite impressive as compared to others.

EarthVPN Review

Above snapshot in this EarthVPN review was taken while using OpenVPN to connect to Switzerland server.

After witnessing unsatisfactory results by using initial OpenVPN, we tried to test UPD protocol which hypothetically and comparatively should have worked faster.

The results obtained were even more disappointing; however, SSTP test results were extraordinary so the tests conducted for this EarthVPN review were literally bizarre.

In addition, we also acknowledged that while using OpenVPN connection, results were strongly correlated with a particular server selected like European servers represented faster connectivity speed as compared to local servers of UK so yes another peculiar finding.

The reliability review for EarthVPN was considerably outstanding as we did not acknowledge any connectivity issue except for some concerns with servers in Netherlands.

Salient Features

  1. PPTP/L2TP/SSTP/Open VPN Protocols
  2. P2P/Torrent enabled
  3. Supported by DD-WRT/Tomato firmware routers
  4. DD-WRT supported Xbox, PS3, Apple TV, Roku
  5. Watch Chromecast
  6. 128bit AES and 2048bit RSA encryption
  7. Mobile VPN, SSH Tunnel/Socks (Optional)
  8. Static IP, 256bit encryption (Optional)
  9. Port forwarding, Dedicated IP (Optional) 


10/10 for:

  1. Low-priced enticing packages
  2. Fullfledge user liberty – No more monitoring or logs
  3. Diverse payment options to choose from
  4. Transactions confidentiality – verified through a one-time functional unique key
  5. 265bit support available for AES OpenVPN
  6. Unlimited bandwidth
  7. Torrent and P2P Support
  8. 2 minute singup process
  9. Prompt connectivity


Areas that Needs Improvement

  1. No free trial; however, 7 day moneyback seems a reasonable option.
  2. Connectivity problem acknowledged at time of first signin
  3. OpenVPN speed is rambling
  4. OpenVPN speed is prejudiced with respect to server selection
  5. UPD protocol works even slower
EarthVPN Review
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