China now monitors Public WiFi Internet

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According to the report from New York Times, Great Firewall of China has started monitoring WiFi Traffic.

There have been some new regulations introduced by the China Great Firewall authorities in which they will monitor entire traffic routing through Public WiFi on famous roadside cafes, internet cafes, book stores, libraries and several other places which offer access to free WiFi to public.public wifi

In order to monitor the entire internet traffic going through Public WiFi, a software is installed to log all the internet activities on Public WiFi. The software has been designed by Shanghai Rain-Soft Software for around 310,000 USD (approx. 2 million Chinese Yuan). The software has already been delivered to public security officials in Beijing, whereas, publicly released circular claims that the measure has been taken to prevent internet fraud, blackmailing, gambling, spread of damaging information and viruses.

Several businesses including famous cafes and bookstores have seen a major decline in their businesses due to this measure as they are not at all ready to implement this monitoring on their WiFi. Some think they do not want to support Internet surveillance, whereas, many were skeptical of its licensing cost of 3,100 USD (approx. 20,000 Chinese Yuan). Those found running their WiFi without the installation of the software will be fined for 2,300 USD (approx. 15,000 Chinese Yuan).

The software currently is designed to handle 100 users at a time, which makes no sense for small cafes and business having only few users connected at certain point in time. Therefore, according to the survey conducted by New York Times, almost none of the small cafe/business owners are ready to implement this software in their respective businesses.


Previously we have also seen China Great firewall authorities, censoring internet and implementing severe monitoring tools like GFW itself to monitor and censor the entire nations traffic. Just prior to the implementation of this WiFi Monitoring Software, China blocked access to Google+ and various other top international social networking websites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and myspace. 12VPN and several other VPN Services helped Chinese netizens bypass internet censorship and monitoring, but they were also blocked and DNS poisoned, from which VPN services later on recovered.


Chinese netizens have been using various circumvention tools to bypass this censorship and VPN has proved to be the last resort for the people in China, due to restrictions on all proxies and circumvention websites. Just recently China also took some actions against VPN Service providers and blocked several VPN Services in China. 12VPN remained most affected, but soon recovered.

In order to avoid this traffic monitoring on Public WiFi hotspots, Chinese netizens will again have to take some help from VPN Service. Using VPN on public WiFi, does not only protect WiFi internet users from WiFi internet sessions hacks, information theft, identity theft but also helps bypassing censorship and internet traffic monitoring on Public WiFi Hotspots.

Following are the VPN Services that would recommend our Chinese friends to use to avoid this internet traffic monitoring on WiFi Hotspots,


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In addition to the above mentioned, Road Warrior VPN and AirVPN are also reported to be working fine in China.

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