China Blocks PPTP China & L2TP Protocols

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According to different VPN Providers and their customers in PPTP China and L2TP VPN Protocols have been blocked there. It turns out to be a very bad news for all the VPN providers who have been delivering VPN services in only these two protocols.

Try out our “China Great Firewall Test” ! — Check whether your favorite site is accessible from China or not (5 Locations Included).

SSTP, SSL/OpenVPN still seem to work in China, without any issues. The top 3 providers that provide SSTP and SSL/OpenVPN support are StrongVPN, PureVPN & Astrill.

Feel free to comment below if you have any updates.

Try out our “China Great Firewall Test” ! — Check whether your favorite site is accessible from China or not (5 Locations Included).

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26 thoughts on “China Blocks PPTP China & L2TP Protocols

  1. Oddly enough…here in Beijing my SO and I are both using strongVPN and mine is blocked, his isn’t. We are both using the same ISP (from the same apt- our home wireless network) but somehow when we got the two accounts, mine was PPTP only and his was L2tP. (We figured this out when I couldnt log in and he could- trying to figure out what was different)

    • Yeah.. sad. We hope you got your Protocol issue fixed from StrongVPN support. Its amazing to hear these stories from China. There are still people using L2TP and VPN providers which are claimed to be shut down by the authorities.

      Thank you for your comment 🙂

  2. Because of China and large parts of the middle east, I’d suggest more providers start looking into SSTP as its almost impossible to detect and stop. To stop an SSTP connection you’d need to shut down port 443 (https) completely. I don’t know any network admin crazy enough to do that.

    • lol, exactly. Technology is continuously emerging and so is the VPN. SSTP based VPN services are still operating successfully in China. But you can’t trust Great Firewall and Chinese for long, they will soon find a crack to this, as i believe they are crazy or intelligent enough to do that.

  3. how about openvpn? is it the best option in China? sstp or openvpn?

    sales agent of strongvpn is strongly advocating openvpn and that its almost impossible to block

    • Hello Jonathan,

      Thank you for posting your question.

      Jonathan, the StrongVPN representative has guided you absolutely right.

      Yes, OpenVPN is among the best protocol to use in China. It is strongly encrypted and allow users to bypass internet censorship in China.

      Hope this will help you.

      Thanks 🙂

  4. Thanks for your prompt reply.
    If i may ask further, What would be the most cost effective service provider of openvpn? It would be really great if there is a comparison chart. eg strongvpn offers open elite for 90$ a year

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