Instagram Blocked in China: Can Be Unblocked With VPN

How to Use Instagram in China Following the protests in Hong Kong in Sept. 2014, the Chinese government proceeded to block Instagram and it stays blocked to this day in mainland China. It isn’t much of an issue to access Instagram in China, given a little research and reading. Most netizens call them VPN we call them Virtual Private Networks. Virtual Private Networks aka VPN are known for their ability to bypass the most intensely setup firewalls and the most deep rooted surveillance systems. Facebook’s photo sharing service “Instagram”was the unique platform protestors chose to cover the event through their […]

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France Adapts Poisonous Data Retention Policy

France data retention

After the tragic events of the Charlie Hebdo attack, the French government has insisted on the idea of integrating a data retention policy similar to the US Patriot Act in French cyberspace. While speculation is high regarding the Data Retention Directive, the French premiere Francois Hollande is adamant to create a surveillance state rather than improving the internal security apparatus. The proposed Data Retention Policy will require ISPs to monitor suspicious online behavior (with no definition of such behavior) and gives authorities access to cellular and live call data.The law will ensure in-depth surveillance of all online services including social media, email, VoIP and other […]

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France Using #JeSuisCharlie As An Excuse For Censorship And Surveillance

france censorship charlie hebdo

While freedom of speech establishes proper guidelines that journalists must follow, Charlie Hebdo magazine’s constant satirical criticism of monotheistic religions arguably resided outside the realm of quality journalism. Such a criticism led to a rather tragic incident that caused a great uproar around the world, the animosity of which is still directed towards Muslims in general to this day. “Vague laws are really problematic when it comes to this sort of surveillance practice, especially when it comes to weak or nonexistent oversight,” Joshua Franco – Analyst Amnesty International Surveillance In France The fact that does baffle me during this saga […]

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Best China VPN To Bypass Restrictions in the year 2015

vpn to bypass firewall of china

**Update January 23 2015 At the brink of the new year the Chinese government began an intensive crackdown on VPN providers allowing users access to banned social networks and Google services. reported that Astrill VPN (one of the most VPN services in China) had most of its servers blocked by 31st December 2014 , while the service went AWOL half way through January 2015., a Chinese VPN provider was able to find a sophisticated fix for its customers deeming this would be a long term crackdown. Since the infrastructures of VPN services is fragile and predictable it is […]

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Piratebay Ship Disappears Without A Trace

piratebay goes down

Update 12/10/2014: A Proxy Site Is Misleading Users As The New Domain According to Reddit user /u/cuddle-buddy: <– listed as a proxy This is why only the root will load and nothing else, just like The fake domain is making the rounds on Twitter and is widely being reported as the new home for TPB… Which is apparently not the case:   #PirateBay Up and running again (.cr) NOT (.se) Long live Freedom of copying and sharing of ideas and culture. #Anonymous #WikiLeaks — Anonymous_B.I.G. (@AnonBig) December 10, 2014   Original Story:  Reports are coming in that the […]

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FBI Takes Down Silk Road 2.0 and Kills Privacy in the Process

fbi takes down silk road

The Dark Web lies beyond the boundaries and borders of Google and Bing. It is the Never Land of the internet, that only a few know about and believe in. And it is 500 times the size of the web that we know of and surf every day. Accessible only through the Tor Browser, there is a good chance that you may have never even seen the Dark Web. We often talk about cyber crime and mention that hackers steal your details and often sell them online. All of this illegal online trading (and all other shady trade) takes place […]

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#Gamergate Outcry Erupts Against Mass Censorship on Gaming News Sites

gamergate gaming blog censorship

There’s an all-out internet mob-war going on right now between gamers, gaming news websites and a select few independent game developers; the latter two being suspected and accused of being in cohorts that reflects negatively on their integrity and betrays a stark conflict of interest. Sounds confusing? Let’s see if we can make some sense of it. It apparently all started when an indie game called ‘Depression Quest‘ was released by a developer named Zoe Quinn. The game seemed to generate an overwhelming amount of favourable press and attention from certain gaming news blogs despite its humble appearance and scope. This […]

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Interview With RPINAC Creator Gareth Llewellyn

RPINAC Interview

There’s been a lot of tears and pain among internet users in the UK these past couple of years due to the government implementing legally questionable internet filters that are advertised as a blockade on adult content. The move has been heavily criticised by ordinary users and free speech rights activists as pointless and counter-productive; considering the fact that it has also filtered many web pages that don’t have anything to do with adult content, such as child protection services and suicide helplines. We did a feature recently on RPINAC: Routing Packets Is Not A Crime, a website that allows […]

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Legit Uses for Tor: Everything Comcast Wants To Block You From Doing

tor blocked by comcast

“Users who try to use anonymity, or cover themselves up on the internet, are usually doing things that aren’t so-to-speak legal. We have the right to terminate,   fine, or suspend your account at anytime due to you violating the rules. Do you have any other questions? Thank you for contacting Comcast, have a great day.” The above quote was from a call made by a Comcast rep to a subscriber who was using Tor for anonymous browsing. A thread on Reddit’s /r/darknetmarkets broke the story of a new Comcast controversy in which user was browsing DarkNet  markets reported that he […]

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Infographic: Internet Censorship Around The World

worst censorship infographic

The folks at PureVPN have compiled a nice little internet censorship infographic that ranks the most censored countries in the world. You have all the usual characters featured in here, from religious to political and even societal influences imposing their views on what you should and shouldn’t be viewing. The claim being “Just 69 countries, out of 249, practice complete freedom on the internet; rest live in the dark!” Damn you, darkness! It is quite the meaty read so put on your reading glasses and get those calculators out because this is going to require a bit of processing and […]

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Anti-Piracy Singapore Law to Block Pirate Bay, Other Torrent Sites

piratebay blocked in singapore

Changes to Singapore law allow content owners to get copyright infringing sites blocked, Torrent Freak reported today. Singapore law will permit High Court to review claims by copyright owners and institute orders for web blocking. The Pirate Bay is the first to get in the list. Copyright violation on the internet is continuing phenomenon. Numerous countries have enacted singapore laws and regulations to control free distribution of intellectual property. With MPAA chief Chris Dodd formally approving domain blocking as a preferred method to control copyright infringement, many European countries including UK have already tried their go. Singapore, however, is relatively […]

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