How to Bypass MegaVideo Time Limit

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MegaVideo is a popular Hong-Kong based video sharing website that is used for adding and streaming video content. The basic service of the website is free but if you watch the video for more than 72 minutes you can find a message stating “Please wait for 54 minutes or click here to enjoy unlimited use of Megavideo.”

MegaVideo Time Limit Problem – Please Wait  54 Minutes

Once you start watching a movie in Megavideo, right after 72 minutes you will find a request on the screen that demands one to purchase a premium account or to wait 54 minutes.

megavideo time limit

If you are not willing to pay then you have to wait for an hour before you are granted permission to access the website again. This is the biggest annoyance and this MegaVideo Time Limit restriction is awfully inconvenient and people are trying various means to bypass this restriction.

The situation can be avoided easily by getting the best VPN provider that permits the viewer to gain access to different restricted websites located in various parts of the world.

Best VPN Providers to Bypass MegaVideo Time Limit Restrictions

Here is a list of  best VPN service providers who can help you to access from any part of the world without any disturbance.


How VPN Can be Beneficial to Bypass MegaVideo Time Restrictions

VPN connection involves encrypting the data between your computer and the Megavideo website. VPN services that offer multiple IP addresses helps to access the website from different locations and it becomes difficult to identify the protocol as they are different from one another.

This enables the user to easily access the website and they can easily bypass the gap and watch videos from more than 72 minutes without breaks.

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This technique helps the viewer to conceal their own self by making use of different IP addresses offered by their VPN service providers and you can keep on watching a motion picture without any interruptions.

Using VPN helps you to channel your internet traffic through encrypted traffic while maintaining your online anonymity and thereby creating a network that appears to be internal but spreads across various locations.

Bottom line

Megavideo is a popular video steaming website that enables the visitors to watch movies online but the only issue is that, after 72 minutes of viewing the viewer has to wait for an hour to view the rest of it.

This problem can be easily sorted by a VPN connection and this is considered to be one of the best means to bypass such restriction and access blocked websites. For more information you can check our websites or send us your queries for the best possible answer.

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