UK Cyber Attacks – Britain Fighting Cyber War to Protect its Digital Borders

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The incidences of cyber attacks on Britain have gone up significantly over the period of time. According to information given by British Intelligence to BBC, nearly 70 sophisticated and well-planned cyber attacks are being launched every month against Britain’s government departments and industries.

Britain’s cyber intelligence department, the Government Intelligence Headquarters or GCHQ, has been fighting off cyber attacks on a massive scale; and the onslaught has been relentless.

According to the director of the GCHQ, Sir Iain Lobban, secrets from Britain are being stolen on an ‘Industrial Scale’ through cyber espionage.


Sir Lobban has further disclosed that cyber hackers belonging to foreign countries have managed to penetrate the systems of various British entities for as much as 2 years.  Moreover, Sir Lobban has further defended the involvement of the UK government in the NSA PRISM scandal by saying,

“People are going after intellectual property and then seeking to translate it into national gain”

“We started a couple of years ago thinking this was going to be very much about the defense sector but really it’s any intellectual property that can be harvested.”

Britain’s intelligence service, MI5, blames foreign intelligences agencies for majority of the cyber attacks being attempted on Britain.

uk cyber attacks

According to Sir Michael Rake, Chairman of BT and President of CBI, the forte of British businesses lies in their intellectual capabilities like designing.

Therefore, British businesses need to realize that cyber espionage activities can deprive them of their intellectual work resulting in massive financial and reputational losses.

The MI5 has been working hard to defend UK businesses from against cyber attacks and cyber espionage. According to many experts working on this topic, a sizable chunk of these activities are state-sponsored to benefit state-owned enterprises.

However, not a single individual has so far named the country or intelligence agency behind these attacks. The best thing UK businesses can do is take measures themselves against cyber espionage activities. After all, it is their strategies, future direction, designs, and other critical data at stake!

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