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boxpn review

The Good

Let’s start with the supreme side of Boxpn in this boxpn review, It has a very simple and basic guide to configure it on any of your operating system or device, so you have no need to worry about the installation. Boxpn provides a very easy and simple configuration steps and it supports Operating systems like Windows and Mac OSX. It is providing the best secure protocols like L2TP protocol and most reliable SSTP protocol. As it is providing a very simple user friendly VPN Service it supports Apple Devices, Android and Windows mobile.

I have personally tested Boxpn today before writing boxpn review and found its services good. I have run few speed tests on my system and witnessed more or less no speed drops. It was fast and I didn’t have to face any stability or disconnections in the period of 6 hours. One of the features which I found best in Boxpn is that it has Shared IP VPN Connections both static and dynamic which allows a user to be anonymous over internet on every log in. Not to forget their Support team which I found too much friendly and active in solving queries and other task. They do provide Live Chat, Remote Desktop, Support Ticket and Email options.

The payment options are as simple as the configuration . Credit Card, Master Card, Visa and Paypal are the payment options which are very common and in reach of almost every user. Considering the packages of Boxpn, I must say that it is quiet reasonable as in just $5.99, one can have the finest and most reliable protocols. They offer heavy discounts on yearly subscription as it will be available in $3.75/month for a year. Boxpn is also very clear on their log policy and they do not keep any logs. They also offer super 2048 bit Encryption on servers that are connected to gigabit lines for super speed and stability.

The Bad

I haven’t found anything bad while testing the services while writing Boxpn review. As I experienced that they do have a very good service in terms of speed and connection stability, and after testing it for almost 6 hours I didn’t get any disconnection. However, Boxpn does not supporting Linux and offer servers in 5 countries only. I also found that they are only giving Shared IP VPN connections, so they must introduce Dedicated IP VPN as well, to get more of Business VPN and security seeking customers.

Bottom line

Boxpn is one of the finest New VPN Provider, which offers decent features, such as 2048 Bit Encryption, servers in 5 countries, gigabit network and excellent support. It is definitely worth giving a try to Boxpn, I am sure you will not regret it!

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2 thoughts on “Boxpn VPN Review

  1. I have contact boxpn support through livechat and ask them what happens to my data (name, email address, billing address) if I decide to close my account on Boxpn.
    They reply that my data are stored in databases indefinitely and that’s impossible request data

    Can I trust a vpn service that refuse to delete my data after I close my account and store them (my data, including my address) forever?

  2. High speed, low price, never disconnected. Never being in touch with support, so can’t say anything about it. Highly recommended vpn!

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