Boxpn Has Recently Added Turkey To Its Global Network!

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The developments in internet technology have resulted in an increasing traffic accessed through PCs and smart phones. Therefore, there has been a growing demand for VPN services that can allow safe, fast, and easy access to the internet.

The process of accessing domestic country content from foreign locations brings with itself some issues.

Some sites are blocked in foreign countries, while some load very slowly. Moreover, spyware and virus attacks risk data theft that can be used for various nefarious purposes.

This is where Boxpn comes in. Established in 1998, Boxpn is offered by a company with an extensive history of providing quality server rental services.

Acknowledging the growing needs of its Turkish customers, Boxpn has recently added Turkey to its fast-growing list of network.

Now Boxpn Turkey offers its users to stream popular Turkish TV shows and Movies like 20 Dakika, Huzur Sokagi, Kotu Yol, etc. at rapid speeds with complete security.

Boxpn Turkish Server Speed Test

Aiming to deliver the fastest speed and maximum securityBoxpn Turkey VPN to its Turkish users wishing to breeze through popular websites like Sinemania, Tvyo, Tivibu, etc., Boxpn uses a 220Gbit infrastructure for superfast browsing and a maximum of 2048Bits of encryption for unmatched privacy.

A quick speed check of Boxpn gives over 530Mbps of downloading speeds and over 180Mbps of uploading speeds from its servers in Turkey.

All that needs to be done by Turkish users in search of the best VPN experience is to try out Boxpn. It is amazing!


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