SOPA Protest Against The Implementation

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Sopa Protest – condemns SOPA Bill in its commitment to support right to freedom of expression  over the internet.

Jan18, 2012: Bestvpnservice, the milestone company to provide valuable assistance in searching for the best VPN service provider strictly support SOPA Protest. The company has been an ardent supporter of freedom over the internet and is prompt to provide its clients with useful information related to best VPN available in the market to bypass filtering.

SOPA Protest


Though SOPA is meant to be implemented in the US only, but it has become no less than a rage worldwide, mainly due to the uncanny clauses it contains. All the ardent supporters of freedom over the internet have been participating in sopa protest in their own distinct way, prominent of them being Wikipedia English (with a full one day blackout), Mozilla and Reddit. Not surprisingly, Bestvpnservice also joins the party with the intention to play the spoilsports for authors of these threatening acts.


Mark Smith, from Bestvpnservice strongly deprecates the Act and urges the entire internet fraternity accommodated across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other eminent social networking websites to share this cause at a massive scale. Mr. Mark says, “Wikipedia English has set an unprecedented example for all of us by going dark for one complete day”.

“We appeal the entire internet fraternity to join forces together and stand beside the world’s largest online encyclopedia in its noble deed”.


This is not the first time that Bestvpnservice has come out in the open to protest against any such law. In the earlier times as well, it has been condemning the unacceptable internet censorship laws that do nothing but take away the right to freedom of speech and expression from the common citizens.

Be it the recent internet censorship law in Belarus, blocking of PPTP and VPN protocols in Iran, the demand of pre-screening internet content in India, Internet Censorship in NewZealand or Turkish Internet Censorship Laws that is still creating divides between the Indian government and the internet giants, the firm has been among the foremost ones to oppose the existence of such laws.


Bestvpnservice keeps on posting regular updates through its official blog and social networking sites. This time as well, it made sure to leave no stone unturned while it takes a dig on the SOPA bill through its recent blog post.

Additionally, it also invites healthy responses from potential readers in the form of votes against the SOPA bill, which is indeed a noteworthy step.


About the company: Bestvpnservice has been a renowned name in the world of VPNs ever since its inception in 2011. It furnishes valuable information regarding best VPN providers in the industry and alongside also keeps its users updated with the latest happenings in the world of internet, mostly related to the threats on internet freedom.

Faisal is a professional blogger at BestVPNService. A close observer of the digital world, Faisal critically monitors and reviews service providers of IT industry, particularly VPNs.

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