5 Stupid Mistakes That Compromise WiFi Security

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The world has become wireless nation. People like the flexibility of being portable. PC, smart phone, and tablet users like being able to get “wired in” without actually plugging in a wire.

The ease and satisfaction that comes with this can make some people get a little careless at times. It happens all the time now that so 5 Stupid Mistakes WiFi Securitymany people have smart devices.

The ability to use Wi-Fi is great. People should not, however, let their guards down when it comes to Internet hackers.

They are still out there and lots of Wi-Fi users are just making it too easy for data to be compromised.

1. Using a Free Wi-Fi

It really all starts with the free wireless connections that are available. So many people will hop on a wireless connection that is free.

Many people do not have the basic protection in place when they do this.

No firewalls are turned on. Virus software is either expired or non-existent . This makes it so easy for a hacker to take over a computer on a wireless network with no security.

There is even a warning sign that tells you that the network is unsecure before you connect. This should be a sign that it may not be the smartest thing to do.

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2. No Secure Settingspn

People even make the mistake of leaving the own Wi-Fi connections open to the public. So many people feel that it is perfectly fine to have an unsecured connection in the home.

They are, after all, in the comfort of their own home. This is trouble for anyone that has a wireless router with multiple devices on the network.

3. Underestimating the Technical Skills

Neighbours can actually log on to your unsecured wireless network and lock your connection down. A hacker can set a password and actually lock you out of your own wireless network.

People that do a lot of data streaming from computers to the television are in trouble. So many people can have their data stolen this way. It may seem like it is perfectly okay to have the network open.

You may be too lazy to type in a password when you connect. In your mind that may be justification enough. The problem is that keeping your network unsecured is just like keep your door unlocked.

No one may walk in for a long time, but inevitably someone is going to twist that lock and enter. When they do it is going to be trouble.

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4. Using VPN Connections

Lots of people have VPN connections for work. Many people just don’t use them. This is bound to cause problems for employees that work in the field.

Don’t get on free Wi-Fi and start doing company work. It can be grounds for termination in some organizations. Below is the list of best VPN providers to safe your Wi-Fi Connectivity.


5. Change Password Regularly

Companies prompt you to change your password at work. Why wouldn’t you take the same precautions at home? More people need to consider changing their wireless passwords regularly.


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