PureVPN PureVPN Over 44,000+ IPs & 300+ servers in 45 countries
Express VPN ExpressVPN 275+ VPN servers in 40 countries.
ipvanish IPVanish 14,000+ IPS on 130+ Servers in 58 countries.
HMA HideMyAss Over 75,000 IPs & 597+ servers in 75 countries
Capture IronSocket VPN Servers in 21 countries.
countries_usa Top 10 USA VPN Top 10 USA VPN providers for 2014.
countries_uk Top 10 UK VPN Top 10 UK VPN providers for 2014.
countries_canada Canada VPN Top 10 Canada VPN providers for 2014.
countries_australia Top 10 Australia VPN Top 10 Australia VPN providers for 2014.
countries_china Top 10 VPN's for China Top 10 VPN's to bypass Chinese online restrictions.
android_05 Top 10 Android VPN Most reliable and trusted Android VPN providers.
iphone Top 10 iPhone VPN Safe online access with iPhone VPN service providers.
ipad_ Top 10 iPad VPN Get virtual security with iPad VPN service providers.
xbox360 Xbox360 VPN Enjoy online gaming with Xbox360 VPN.
asus_rt-n66u Top 10 Router VPN Share your VPN on Multiple Devices with Best Router VPN!
hulu Unblock HULU Watch the latest TV shows with Hulu VPN.
netflix Unblock Netflix Enjoy movies on Netflix by using Netflix VPN.
skype Unblock Skype Unlock all Skype restrictions with Skype VPN.
bbciplayer Unblock iPlayer Enjoy the latest from BBC by using iPlayer VPN.
socialmedia Unblock Social Unblock Facebook, Twitter and Youtube with VPN connection.
windows Top 10 VPN for Windows Best Windows VPN providers to secure your online freedom.
mac Top 10 VPN for Mac Mac VPN safeguards your online presence.
linux Top 10 VPN for Linux Protect your web presence with Linux VPN.
pptp Top 10 PPTP VPN Guard your online identity with PPTP VPN.
openvpn Top 10 OpenVPN OpenVPN protects your web presence efficiently.
l2tp Top 10 L2TP VPN Rely on L2TP VPN for the best online protection
sstp Top 10 SSTP VPN SSTP VPN protocol provides safer online access.
ssh Top 10 SSH VPN Protect yourself online with SSH VPN protocol.
purevpn4 PureVPN Over 44,000+ IPs & 300+ servers in 44 countries
ipvanish IPVanish 14,000+ IPS on 130+ Servers in 56 countries.
Express VPN ExpressVPN 275+ VPN servers in 40 countries.
hma HideMyAss Over 75,000 IPs & 597+ servers in 75 countries
Capture IronSocket VPN Servers in 21 countries.
asus-rtac66u-front Asus RT-AC66U Connect VPN on multiple devices with Asus RT-AC66U.
airlink-ar670w-front Airlink101 Connect VPN on multiple devices with Airlink101 AR670W.
netgear-wnr3500l-front Netgear Connect VPN on multiple devices with Netgear WNR3500L.
tplink-wdr3600-front TP-Link Connect VPN on multiple devices with TP-Link WDR3600.
Linksys_E2500 Linksys E2500 Connect VPN on multiple devices with Linksys E2500.
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earthvpn EarthVPN Coupon Get the exclusive offer of 25% discount on EarthVPN.
vpn4all VPN4All Coupon Get 15% discount on VPN4All.
Private internet Access Private Internet Access Get 10% off on Private Internet Access
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iphone iPhone VPN Setup Learn how to run VPN on iPhone
ipad_06 iPad VPN Setup How to configure VPN on iPad
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Top 10 Best VPN Software

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  • September, 13, 2011
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People are now ever more concerned about their online privacy and security. Finding someone saying, “Is that a VPN connection?” is no more surprising, neither is a random assertion like, “No, I don’t use the internet without a VPN”. Thanks to changing technology. But the hitch is that most starters and Newbies might find it difficult how to gear up for a VPN account? In this case only those VPN providers will win the heart that sport an easy-to-use VPN software. IP selection, server location, protocol details and other complex procedure are way too high for a starter. What he needs a an automated VPN software Automated VPN software flourished with dazzling feature makes it worth in the customer’s mind. Today’s less tech-savvy users won’t buy a privacy service without an automated VPN software. In context to create a helping platform in regards of internet security and privacy services, we here present an evaluation of the top ten makers of VPN software. So let’s look deeply into what makes VPN software makers leaders in their market.

Nothing Easier like one click VPN Software

When it comes to rate VPN software, PureVPN without any doubt deserves to crown up as the winner. It’s simple, easy and user friendly VPN software is bundled with dreamy features like malware protection that offered by none other. Moreover, its VPN software has one of the most highly compatible VPN software for all leading operating system like Windows, Mac, Linux, Apple and Android and most noticeably with DDWRT router. It will be unfair if don’t write about unique features of a good VPN software”

  1. Split tunneling: Built in the seamless VPN software of PureVPN is its split tunneling feature, a way to route desired data from secure tunnel while staying logged on with local ISP to get full advantage of security and speed.

Runner up prize goes to Hidemyass (HMA), the gigantic name in the list of VPN software makers. Its VPN software is well designed as well as fairly categorized according to usage pattern. HMA VPN software for Windows and Mac also supports DDWRT router and is the simplest and most beneficial with dynamic features like IP address setting, Secure IP bind and speed guide. VPN software users for Linux get an alpha version interface. Similarly for portable devices of Apple and Android no VPN software installation is required, thanks to their built-in VPN settings. 2nd position for VPN software leader is well deserved by PrivateInternetAccess (PIA). PIA VPN software is simple and easy-to-use. PIA’s VPN software can be used with all leading operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone/iPad,  as well as it also supports DDWRT and Tomato routers for enhanced utilization. VPN software provides ease of use. It builds a bridge between a VPN provider and user but what after that?  The services we offer. So let’s have a journey over the services offered by our top three VPN software makers:

Availability with Anonymity

A VPN software simple design and dynamic “how to use it setup” is useless if it is not backed with a strong infrastructure. With one server and dozens of IPs, no VPN software can sustain no matter how extraordinary the VPN software. It’s a fact that a larger number of servers bring more anonymity, speed, bandwidth and exciting features with a nicely designed VPN software. All three winners we suggested above are the ultimate kings when it comes to powerful VPN software. When it comes for infrastructure Hidemyass is a bit ahead in numbers of IPs than other VPN providers. HMA VPN software gets you access to 49000+IPs over 350 servers in 55 countries along with incredible speed and unlimited bandwidth. HMA gives full benefit of all 350+ servers to all its users. PureVPN on the other hand holds a competitive edge from other VPN software makers in a way that it hosts and manages its own VPN network. It’s offers 22000+ IPs over 300 servers in 19 countries. Speed is unmatchable and bandwidth is limited by PureVPN software. Users can dig out the best of all 300 servers by switching from one to another without any restriction and charges. Privateinternetaccess users can conceal their identity behind the numerous number of IPs over 351+ servers in 9 countries. PIA VPN software users can enjoy high speed with unlimited bandwidth along with free unlimited server switching.

Journey through Secure Tunnels

Protocol is the VPN software technology that encrypts the connection between the user and VPN server. For a starter or a newbie in VPN, it’s too advanced to judge which protocol is appropriate for what purpose? The VPN software magic will work then, auto selection of protocol or at least listing available options can make the life easier for the new VPN user. PureVPN is the most compatible VPN software supporting all popular protocols like PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, SSTP and most recent IKEv2 with ultra tech encryption up to 256bit for secure data tunneling. Hidemyass VPN software supports PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN protocols for data tunneling but it does not provide encryption to its users. Privateinternetaccess VPN software allows data encryption methods and protocols that include PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, mschap-v2, SSL and OpenVPN.

Stop being Tracked

VPN software is extremely valuable then anti-virus and firewalls because it protects every bit of your online activity providing complete anonymity to your online presence. VPN software also brings exciting features like multi login. This is an important feature of every VPN software and helps user to secure 2 devices at same time with one single VPN connection. Yes, you read it correctly! Avail one and get one free. It seems like multi login VPN software have become a competitive edge for all VPN providers therefore we found it as one of the key features in all top three VPN services. We will use this feature as an important component for our VPN software ratings.

Less Cost, Optimum Package

In among higher priorities, pricing is on the top of the list. No matter what premium advantages are incorporated with VPN software, if it is available at higher prices, user preference will turn off. It’s a quality of best VPN software that how it manages price factor, it neither should be too low nor too high.


In the past few years, no provider has matched the growth pace of PureVPN. It has over 300 servers in more than 35 locations allowing you unlimited bandwidth and server switching from its 22000+ IPs. PureVPN is economically priced, with its annual plan average falling under $5. And like ExpressVPN, PureVPN is compatible across a wide range of devices and OS platforms including Android, iOS, Windows and Linux.



ExpressVPN is a premium quality VPN service for the elite online security hunters. A bit pricey, but ExpressVPN gets you the fastest speed and flexibility like no other provider. ExpressVPN has strategically placed servers in 40 countries, and you can plug in multiple VPN connections with a single package. Extensive customer support, wide protocol and OS compatibility as well as fastest VPN speeds take ExpressVPN to the top slots of VPN ranks.



IPVansih best VPN service tested to work seamless for iPhone 5. Offering high level of data encryption through its OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP protocols, IPVanish is tested to work under vulnerable online security conditions. IPVanish prices start at $4.87 a month, with its yearly subscription discounting to just $58.49/year. In addition to working with iOS devices, IPVanish is also compatible with Android, Windows and Mac devices. Moreover, you can also configure IPVanish on DD-WRT routers. IPVanish has 130 servers in 47 countries, so you can connect with complete freedom from the location of your choice


24/7/365 Technical Support Best VPN software providers always ready to assist their users out of the box. They offer friendly technical support; reachable by anyone from anywhere at anytime 24/7/365 through different channels like email, live chat, ticket system and Phone to some extent. An effective VPN software is incomplete without tech support.


RankProviderStarting PriceVisit
1PureVPN $4.16/month
2 ExpressVPN $8.32/month
3IPVanish $4.87/month
5 Iron Socket $4.16/month

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