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The internet has taken the world by storm and shook the very foundations of how we go about our daily lives. Introduced in the early 90s, the internet has become an integral part of the lives of people around the world. It only took the internet 20 years to go from a luxury to an absolute necessity. However, the internet has become a dark place recently. As a result, a VPN has become a necessity for all internet users. This is the reason why we have compiled our list of the top 10 VPN providers in the industry. So, take a look, pick the best, and enjoy the true internet experience of internet freedom with a VPN: [ws_table id=”243″]

Comparison of the Top 10 VPN services

Want Unlimited Access? You Got it! To make it to our top 10 VPN list, a VPN service provider must allow its users to use IP from a large number of countries and access blocked and restricted content from those countries by posing as being from within their borders. To keep it short, we will be discussing the best 3 out of the top 10 VPN providers. However, there is a weighted-average graph at the end of this article that ranks all the services according to their various features and their respective importance to users.

  1. HideMyAss: HMA, or HideMyAss, needs no introduction. HMA boasts around 350 servers in 53 countries with 40,000+ IP addresses behind which its users can hide their real identity. Naturally, it is among the 3 of our top 10 VPN list.
  2. PureVPN: One of the oldest and most trusted VPN service providers, PureVPN has been offering VPN service to internet users from 2007. PureVPN has its very own, self-managed VPN network that consists of more than 300 servers in 19 countries with over 22,000 unique IP addresses. Yes, PureVPN is one of the big boys of the VPN industry. By virtue of its superb customer support, excellent VPN software, and overall quality of service, PureVPN also manages to land in the top 3 of our top 10 VPN list.
  3. Private Internet Access: PIA, or Private Internet Access, sports a huge VPN network spread over 9 countries with more than 351 servers offering thousands of unique IPs to its users. However, the thing that stands out about PIA is its pricing structure. PIA is easily among the cheapest VPN service provider in the industry today. That alone is enough to get it into our top 10 VPN list. However, PIA is also an accomplished VPN service provider with good level of service; and that multi-faceted feature list earns PIA a place in the top 3 of our top 10 VPN list.

Secret Tunnel to Your Wonderland

A VPN works by establishing secure data tunnels between the user and the internet by using protocols like PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN, and more. Moreover, data encryption techniques convert data from a readable format to a completely undecipherable format. Data encryption techniques, like 128-bit encryption, offer effective encryption of data in case a hacker manages to compromise a data tunnel. Therefore, a VPN provider has to have sufficient levels of data tunneling protocols and encryption abilities in its arsenal to be considered a top 10 VPN provider.

  1. HideMyAss: HMA offers support for PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN data tunneling protocols but doesn’t offer data encryption. In other words, if a hacker manages to compromise the data tunnel built by HMA’s toughest OpenVPN protocol, your data will not have any chance,  other than hacker’s mercy, to escape stealing! Having said that, HideMyAss has positioned its services on delivering all-around internet access and anonymity rather than data security.When viewed from this end and considering its wide variety of servers and IP addresses, it manages to land in our top 10 services pool.
  2. PureVPN: If you are not willing to compromise on your data tunneling protocols, look no further than PureVPN. PureVPN supports PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, SSTP and most recent IKEv2 with strong data encryption of up to 256-bit.If that doesn’t earn you a spot in the top 3 of the top 10 VPN services gang, I don’t know what will!
  3. Private Internet Access: PIA offers support for PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, and OpenVPN data tunneling protocols. Moreover, PIA offers data encryption that ranges from 128-bit to 1024-bit. While support for SSTP would be ideal but it is still a solid package and deserves a slot in our top 10 VPN services category.

You Don’t Play, If You Don’t Pay

VPN service providers are now offering some amazing package plans with mind-blowing options at really low prices. There is the option of choosing from server locations, package duration, and what not! If a VPN doesn’t offer a competitive pricing plan, it doesn’t deserve to be in our list. Period!

  1. HideMyAss: There are 3 different package plans offered by HMA. The 1 month plan is offered for $11.52, while the 6 months and 12 months package plans are offered for $49.99 and $78.66, respectively. HMA can be paid through VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. To facilitate customers, HideMyAss offers a 30-day money back guarantee, as well.
  2. PureVPN: PureVPN offers 3 different package plans based on subscription duration. The 1 month plan is offered for $9.95 while the 6 months and 12 months subscription packages can be had for $44.95 and $49.95, respectively. The 12 months package plan originally retails for $143.40 but it has been given an unbelievable discount of 65% in celebration of PureVPN’s 6th birthday! PureVPN can be paid through a variety of credit cards and gateways like PayPal, VISA, DISCOVER, AlertPay, American Express, MasterCard, Plimus, and WebMoney.
  3. Private Internet Access: Like its two competitors above, PIA also offers 3 package plans. The 1 month plan is offered for $6.95 with the 6 months and 12 months package plans retailing at $35.95 and 39.95, respectively. There are a variety of methods by which customers can pay PIA such as PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, DISOCVER, Bitcoin, CashU, , Amazon Payments, and OK PAY.

The Portal To a Safer Internet

A VPN might be offering the best features in the industry, but if it doesn’t have a thoughtfully designed user software, it will not be of much use to many of the users and will not make it to our top 10 VPN list.

  1. HideMyAss: The HMA software makes it to your top 10 VPN services list as it features an easy connection option whereby the user has to just put in the username, password, select the desired server, and hit connect. The HMA VPN software is compatible with Windows, Linux, Apple, Android, and DD-WRT routers.
  2. PureVPN: The PureVPN software is designed to maximize user convenience and effectiveness. This means that the PureVPN software allows users to easily navigate through the various options easily and quickly. The software features cross-platform compatibility, as well.
  3. Private Internet Access: PIA offers a very fast and simple VPN application that supports all leading operating systems. As a result, PIA users can use Private Internet Access on any device like laptops, desktops, tablet PCs, and smartphone. Moreover, PIA VPN can also be set up on DDWRT or Tomato router.

Get More for Less

Multi-login features allow VPN users can use the same VPN account to connect multiple devices to the internet and ensure their privacy on all devices.

  1. Hidemyass: Staying true to its heritage of providing the best VPN services, HMA! Pro VPN allows unlimited server switching to its users as well as multi-login facility.
  2. PureVPN: One of the reasons why PureVPN is in the top 3 of our top 10 VPN list is because of the endless list of features it has. PureVPN offers multi-login option to its users along with unlimited server switching.
  3. Private Internet Access: Like the other two players in the top 3 of the top 10 VPN services list, Private Internet Access also offers multi-login facility as well as unlimited server switching to its users.

Complete Freedom, No Restrictions

We do not include a VPN service provider in our top 10 VPN services list if it is not offering a superfast browsing speed along with unrestricted bandwidth usage.

  1. HideMyAssHMA! is the most recognized name in the VPN industry. HideMyAss provides fast connection speed with unlimited bandwidth usage.
  2. PureVPN: The PureVPN advantage comes in the form of blazing fast speeds along with the option of unlimited and unrestricted bandwidth utilization for the user.
  3. Private Internet Access: PIA offers unlimited bandwidth usage along with speedy internet and VPN experience.

Going the Extra Mile

The extra features of VPNs come in the form of provision of P2P file-sharing facility, anti-malware protection, and assurance of no log-keeping of the user. These small details ultimately decide what VPN providers make it in our top 10 VPN services list.

  1. Hidemyass: HMA! Pro VPN does not keep any log of activities of its users except the timings on which customer log in and log out. HideMyAss also offers P2P support.
  2. PureVPN: PureVPN does not keep a log of the activities of its users to provide absolute anonymity and privacy to them. Moreover, PureVPN also offers P2P servers for file transfer, data sharing, and torrent downloads.
  3. Private Internet Access: PIA privacy policy strictly puts down a no log-keeping policy. PIA also expands its service with P2P file-sharing capabilities. 

Prevention is Better than Cure

Extra security features like NAT firewall, data compression, and at-the-server malware protection, are always welcomed by users.

  1. HideMyAss: Although HideMyAss is one of the biggest VPN providers on the market, it still lacks in the department of offering its users something extra like NAT firewall, Compression and Malware protection.
  2. PureVPN: PureVPN has always been one step ahead of the game from other VPN providers. Keeping in line with user expectations, PureVPN also excels in terms of providing extra security by providing excellent features like NAT firewall and Malware protection.
  3. Private Internet Access: PIA offers a competitively priced VPN service that combines advanced firewall and filtering capabilities to deliver a comprehensive user data protection solution.

Customer is King

The age-old proverb ‘Customer is King’ still holds true today. A VPN service provider can really won the customer over or drive them away due to a single good or bad customer support experience.

  1. HideMyAss: HMA offers a 24/7 technical support in the form of E-mail, Live chat and HideMyAss community on twitter. The Live Chat option works for 12 hours a day.
  2. PureVPN: PureVPN offers excellent customer support in the form of support tickets, FAQs, Forum, and a very helpful and prompt Live Chat Support.
  3. Private Internet Access: PIA offers a range of options through which its users can contact its customer support like email, live chat, knowledgebase, and on social media websites.

The Verdict

After a comprehensive review of the Top 10 VPN Service Providers and explaining the features of the top 3 VPNs from that list, it is time to name the winner, the runner ups, and those who tried hard but could not make it in the end. So get ready:

  1. PureVPN – Large server network, comprehensive protocol support, competitively priced package plans, loads of features, world-class customer support, and an excellent VPN experience. PureVPN is the winner!
  2. HideMyAss –Does not offer encryption, no bonus features, and the like. Still, HideMyAss offers a superb VPN service that comes very close to mimicking PureVPN on many fronts. 2nd place!
  3. Private Internet Access – PIA offers the most competitive package plans of all other VPN service providers in the top 10 VPN services list. However, it has a significantly smaller geographical presence as compared to PureVPN and HideMyAss. Therefore, 3rd place for PIA

We hope you enjoyed reading this top 10 VPN services article and that you make a sound decision when making your next VPN purchase. Remember, you are the ultimate winner!!


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  2. I find strongpvn’s site to be confusing for newbies. Hell, I’ve done quite a bit browsing on how vpns work and I still feel confused by their sites. And I have to click at least five times before I can find the vpn I want. I’d much rather go with something more simple like 12vpn or Astrill

  3. IVACY in the top 10!!! What were you drinking!!!???

    This VPN is garbage. Their payment processors are useless. You have:

    1 – Plimus for CC’s which make you jump through a number of hoops or just reject your CC. Google Plimus!!

    2 – PayPla, which sends them a payment but they do NOT acknowledge it. In other words, IVACY is a scam.

    3 – UKash, which is not available in most countries.

    4 – MicroPayment which is not available for most users.

    Other than that, they do not support their customers, they do not answer e-mails, they do not do ANYTHING to help you. Their web software is incomplete and full of bugs. Their servers go up and down like yo-yos, and don’t get me started on latency. STAY AWAY!!!

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