Best VPN Server – Functions, Advantages and More

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A VPN Server comes handy in establishing connection between two or more computers in order to access the systems remotely over a public network. Talking in technical terms, there are three main reasons for a VPN server to come into existence:

  • To access a computing machine connected remotely through intranet.
  • To support and access computers connected via multiple intranets inside the same organization
  • To connect to different organizations with the help of two distinct networks, thereby forming an extranet

Functions of a VPN server

The basic function is to make way for a secure network between participating computers.

This helps the users connected to the network to communicate with each other without being affected by any third party intruder.

Some of the main functions a VPN server thus performs include:

  • Establishing connection with remote computers over a public network.
  • Keeping the undesired elements outside the network by creating a tunnel between the host and destination computers.
  • Assuring secure data transfer from one place to other that includes all sorts of text and multimedia files.
  • Making way for secure VoIP VPN communication without getting into the notice of concerned service providers such as Skype.
  • Allowing the users to access the internet in total anonymity, without the fear of being identified by prying eyes

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For sure,  it accompanies with it a flurry of advantages owing to which it has been highly preferred by users from all the walks of life, whether individuals, small organizations or large scale enterprises.

Some of the prominent benefits of utilizing this excellent version of technology include:

  • Comfortable communication between peers, employees, clients and business partners
  • Apt VPN protocol support such as PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, SSL and more
  • Secure exchange of data between participating computers
  • Enhanced online security especially in the areas governed heavily by internet censorships
  • Easy access to restricted websites
  • Great reduction in business operating costs
  • Connectivity to geographically extended locations

Best VPN Server

Looking out for Providers Best VPN Servers in the Business

There is a widespread competition in the market regarding being offered by various VPN service providers. The best way to choose from among them is to evaluate their performance on the basis of varied criterion such as:

  • Speed
  • Support for VPN Protocol, OS support, and preferred device
  • Cost of various VPN plans
  • Availability of servers in the desired location
  • Browser compatibility
  • Provision of static or dynamic IP addresses as per your liking
  • Payment options and so on.

It is quite obvious that you cannot evaluate them all since prior to testing them, you would require to pay for their services.

A better option is therefore to switch over to varied VPN forums and review websites that include genuine testimonials and feedbacks from the existing VPN users.

Googling around a little bit would well help you to look out for such websites and thus half of your work would  get to its completion.

Best VPN Server Offering Companies

Depending on the aforementioned points, here  are some of the widely accepted VPN vendors that care to offer high quality yet affordable servers at their end that could fulfil your specific requirements:

RankingProviderDiscountMore Info
$9.99 per month
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40% OFF
$4.16 per month
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Exclusive 65% OFF
$4.16 per month
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38% OFF
$3.07 per month
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25% OFF
$4.87 per month
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$4.58 per month
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35% OFF
$8.32 per month
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$6.55 per month
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$4.16 per month
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48% OFF
$3.33 per month
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$4.54 per month
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Apart from these renowned VPN service providers that assure secure internet browsing, there are certain independent servers as well that are available as free or paid vpn software. The process involves below mentioned steps:Using standalone Servers

  • Download any of these VPN servers,
  • Install at your end
  • Connect it to the remote computer(s) to which you want to access remotely
  • Start accessing the computer at remote location

Use of VPN Server

Among some of the uses may include:

  • To Work on a file contained in the other computer
  • To use its browser to explore the websites that you are unable to open through your current geographical location.
  • To Connect to any of your online friends or business partner that require you to possess the IP address of that very location.

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Best Applications

Some of the best servers you can use to satisfy your cause of assuring safe internet browsing while connected remotely include:

  • LogMeIn (Previously known as Hamachi)
  • Comodo Unite Previously known as EasyVPN)
  • Gbridge

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